Sen. Collins Has a Plan to Trick You on the HUD Housing Rule



It is extremely important that people have the following information and that they call their senators and even representatives to support the [Senator] Lee amendment that would defund Barack Obama’s overreaching and tyrannical Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule. The Senate has a different amendment – the Collins amendment -coming before them that will do nothing except trick the American public into thinking they are doing something.

If you need background information, you can read it below. Senator Mike Lee proposed an amendment that will reach the Senate floor this week. It says that community development block grants, which have been around for more than 40 years, can be spent by local communities as they see fit to put affordable housing where they think it makes sense.

Senator Susan Collins filed her own amendment which does absolutely nothing but makes it look like they are doing something. It provides that the Department of Housing and Urban Development cannot “direct a grantee to undertake specific changes to existing zoning laws as part of carrying out” enforcement of AFFH.

They already can’t and that is not what they are doing. What Obama’s HUD is doing with its new rule is telling localities they cannot get federal grant money unless they “voluntarily” promise to change zoning laws and housing policies the way HUD wants.

They are not directing as Collins writes in her amendment and she knows it. The entire Senate knows it. It’s all “voluntary” but they won’t see a dime without doing what they are told.

Stanley Kurtz at National Review Online writes:

So instead of HUD saying to a county: “We order you to abolish your zoning laws and build high-density low-income housing,” HUD says, “We order you to conduct an analysis of your housing needs and offer a plan of action that we deem acceptable, and only then will you get your HUD grant.”

The only “voluntary analyses and plans” HUD will accept are those that lead to the abolition of zoning laws and the construction of high-density low-income housing.

What HUD is doing is “guidance” not employing “directives”, a trick frequently employed by Barack Obama and recommended by the Podesta-Soros Center for American Progress. All the “guidance” has clearly directed them to abolish zoning laws and force Section 8 housing into every neighborhood and to do it by race. The plan is to get all those Democrats in from other countries and spread them around the country and into more Republican suburbs.

Westchester County is the nation’s test case. If they lose, we all lose. They are trying to stop the County Executive from fighting them and they are trying to silence him. Not only silence him, but compel him to say what they want or be falsely accused of lying.

It is very important that you call your senators and let them know you are on to them and that you want the Lee amendment, not the Collins faux fix. They’re running scared again and need bolstering. Collins gives the people a way of pretending they are defending localities and municipalities without doing  a thing.

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