Senate Has an Informant on the “Secret Society” of the FBI


Senator Ron Johnson told Bret Baier Tuesday evening that they have an informant discussing off-site meetings of the “secret society”.

“What this is all about is further evidence of corruption-more than bias but corruption at the highest levels of the FBI,” Johnson began.

“Now ‘secret society’, we have an informant that is talking about a group that were holding secret meetings off-site,” Johnson continued.

The FBI/DoJ might have corrupt officials burrowed deeply in the agencies and the congressmen are very concerned.

I hope this informant doesn’t wind up a suicide with a bullet to the back of his head.

This is like the KGB of America.

It’s unfortunate that people don’t give more thought to who Barack Obama is. His grandparents and his birth father were Marxists. His tutor was a radical communist, Frank Marshall Davis, and his reverend of twenty years, Rev. Wright, is a Marxist Liberation Theologist, and he wasn’t sure Obama believed in God.

Obama made deals with Islamofascists and communists overseas. His support for them was strong at the same time he bashed Republicans almost daily.

He violated the Constitution repeatedly to make us into a Socialist country.

His CIA Director John Brennan once supported the Communist Party. The family trees of Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod read like the elite of the hard-left.

God damn America, Rev. Wright said. Did Barack Obama take that too seriously? Do we know how close we have come?



  1. What we should all do is thank God and Donald Trump for saving this nation from degenerating into a third world shithole. Hillary would have finished what the asshole, Obama started.

  2. Barack Hussein Obama credited his mother having the most profound influence on his political ideals.

    Obama’s mother was a rabid, committed Marxist, or “fellow traveler,” as they often refer to themselves. In fact that commitment to the cause was so intense, it was the very reason she shipped her young son off to be raised by her parents. He was a distraction, took time away from her Marxist endeavors. This was abandonment #2.

    During the course of my studies, I did intensive research into sociopathy. Some of my work was so well regarded, professors pleaded with me to have them published. While there remains many questions and debates about what causes the state of sociopathy (also referred to as psychopathy), we do know most of these people come from dysfunctional families and of early childhood abandonment.

    #1 Obama (age 2) and his mother were abandoned by his father.
    #2 Abandoned by his mother, age 10 x3 years-sending him to live with his maternal grandparents in Hawaii. She kept her young daughter (of father Sotoro) with her in Jakarta.
    #3 Mother and daughter moved to Hawaii, joining her son, in 1974. She (and daughter) then left Obama again 3 years later moving back to Indonesia. She finally returned to Hawaii, 1995, terminally ill with cancer.

    #4 Soon after arriving in Hawaii to live with his grandparents, grand dad decided young Obama needed a non-white “mentor,” and chose Frank Marshall Davis. Yet another form of abandonment by his grandfather. Davis, “an author, liberal activist, Stalinist agent, and self-admitted pedophile.”

    Important to note, sociopaths/psychopaths, come in a wide variety of degrees. Few are actually serial killers and there are far more of these characters among us in every “walk of life.” They are often found board rooms of major corporations serving as CEOs, COOs to Heads of State – positions of power. Their characteristics include:

    The Hare Psychopathy Checklist:


    We all know Obama to be a prolific liar, one of the hallmark attributes of these characters. They are very convincing because, what begins as a lie, and they know it, swiftly becomes real to them…it is their truth and their truth is all that matters.

    How close have we come? Hard to say because this, the incredible, almost incomprehensible mess this country is in, is far from over. Barack Hussein Obama didn’t start the slow but steady movement Leftward of America but he sure did put it into over-drive.

    A primary reason Democrats, the Left, has gone off the deep end with the election of Donald Trump, because he is their great spoiler. The plan was, Obama would load the bases, Hillary would bat clean up with a grand slam home run to Marxism. If some viewed Obama as the anti-Christ, President Trump is the quintessential anti-anti-Christ.

    How close have we come? Within a hair’s breadth if, and only IF, We The People fight like hell to reclaim the United States of America as the Constitutional Republic our Founders bequeathed to us. This would require we DEMAND an end be put to the current, Palace Coup afoot and see that each and every treasonous member of the Deep State be sentenced to life in a federal penitentiary. Start with the master mind of this coup, Barack Hussein Obama.

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