Senate Immigration Bill Is Dead in the House



cartoon photo via legal insurrection

All but 14 GOP Senators made a calculated decision to support Democrats on the immigration bill despite the fact that it is a bad bill. The Gang of Eight advertised it as a Conservative bill while anyone reading the bill could easily see it is the opposite.

The Senators have successfully divided the party to the point that Mark Levin and Sarah Palin are talking about forming a Freedom Party. The GOP had better hope the House can save them because the Democrats to whom they pandered will not vote for them and many Conservatives will no longer vote for them.

The bill is dead in the House. The House might not include a path to citizenship in their bill.

John Boehner has assured House members that no bill will get to the floor without the majority support of the membership. He said he will follow the Hastert rule which requires a majority of members to support any legislation before it comes to the floor. Paul Ryan also insists that the Hastert rule be followed.

Boehner has also said the Senate bill is dead and the House will pass their own bill.

The GOP Senators lied to push the immigration bill and it was all for nothing.

The Senate GOP even ran day-and-night pro-immigration ads on Fox News funded by liberal Mark Zuckerberg which were replete with lies.

Representative Tim Huelskamp of Kansas joked about the Senate bill when asked what he thought of it – “Just like all the senators, I haven’t read it yet.” Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina suggested that the House  “fold it up into a paper airplane and throw it out the window.” Ted Poe of Texas said the Senate is irrelevant. [National Review]

Representative Raúl Labrador of Idaho told reporters at an event Wednesday:

“I think this is my biggest frustration with the Republican party right now, is that we’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off thinking that we have to do this for political reasons. We don’t have to do this for political reasons. . . . If we start pandering and giving out goodies to people, then we’re going to get into a bidding war with the Democratic party. And if we get into a bidding war, we always lose, because the Democrats are always more willing to give goodies to certain groups than we are.” [National Review]

Obama will use immigration against Republicans in the 2014 election and that seems to be what the GOP is most afraid of, but resorting to lies and brainwashing is not what Republicans expect of their party leaders.

Marco Rubio’s offenses are especially egregious: