Senate Plans to Seize Control of the Debt Ceiling


Obama debt dance

Mr. Obama dancing in front of the debt clock

Mr. Obama recently hinted that he will seize control of the debt ceiling, a power reserved for Congress. There is a movement in the Senate that could make this possible.

The Senate is possibly going to introduce a bill that gives President Obama the authority to raise the debt ceiling unless two-thirds of Congress disapproves, according to a Senate Democratic aide.  They believe Republicans will go along and there is no doubt John McCain and his followers probably will.

Democrats want the right to spend freely for a year without any of the spending cuts proposed by Republicans.

This idea was first proposed by Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2011.

Reid said he plans to move a ‘clean’ debt ceiling bill before October 17th.

In preparation for this power grab, Jack Lew has been on TV insisting he is out of bookkeeping tricks and the debt ceiling must be raised. We are supposed to believe that.

The Senate and President are seizing control of the government purse. Will anyone care?

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