Senate Rejects Another Amendment to Secure the Border




Update: Marco Rubio said on the Sean Hannity show Wednesday evening that changes to the bill will be announced tomorrow. The amendment will significantly improve border security. This is after thousands rallied in DC coincidentally and after the House announced they will pass the border security part of the bill first and the rest of the bill after the border is secured.

The Senate voted down Rand Paul’s amendment to the Senate immigration bill on Wednesday. The ‘Trust but Verify’ amendment would have required Congress – not Janet Napolitano – to make certain the border was secured before illegal immigrants would be granted legal status.

The measure was tabled (killed) 61 – 37. The Gang of Eight voted against border enforcement before legalization of millions of people.

These millions will be legalized within six months without proper vetting. It is not possible for a big inefficient government to properly vet millions in only six months. It was David Axelrod who said the government was too big to control.

Republicans voting with the Gang of Eight and against border enforcement first were Senators Murkowski, Collins, Corker.

Paul’s ‘Trust but Verify’ amendment would have made immigration reform contingent on Congress voting that the border is secure. The Senate bill legalizes without requiring border security.

The only thing the bill requires is that Janet Napolitano, as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, submit a report on how it would eventually accomplish the goal of border security. Napolitano is on record as saying the border is already secure. Paul said the bill gives too much authority to the Secretary of the DHS. (No kidding!)

Paul said his amendment was absolutely necessary because “Legalization or documentation of workers absolutely must depend on border security first.”

The Senate and the Gang of Eight have rejected all efforts to secure the border first.