Senator Cruz Calls Out Fox News for Lying



Hannity recently blasted Senator Ted Cruz on his radio show for not directly answering his question of Cruz’s delegate collecting. Hannity then went on Neil Cavuto’s show and repeated his comments, again confused about the delegate process.

O’Reilly, Greta and Megyn have not been all that friendly to Cruz, in fact Greta has blasted him. Megyn Kelly has made up with Trump and was praising his new presidential tone.

Sean Hannity in particular seems very supportive of Trump and has expressed his confusion over how Cruz could win delegates when Trump won a plurality in a state where there allegedly wasn’t an election.

Ted Cruz told conservative radio host Dom Giordano on Friday that Fox News knows the issue of “voterless elections” is “not true.”

It actually isn’t true but it’s Trump and Hannity who are saying it is.

In both Colorado and Wyoming, all registered Republican voters in the state had the chance to vote and participate in the delegate selection process. It’s the same in Colorado. These decisions were not made by political hacks. They were decided by state and local leaders who participate in local Republican Party politics. The RNC had nothing to do with it.

Giordano said he was “shocked” that “a couple shows” on Fox criticized Cruz’s efforts to capture delegates.

“They know it’s not true,” Cruz replied. “Donald doesn’t handle losing well. And when we loses he cries and he screams and he whines and he curses and he insults everybody.”

“So when Donald lost five states in a row that’s when they began making up this nonsense about voterless elections,” Cruz added. “More people voted in those five states (1.3 million) than voted in the New York primary. And in fact, though you’d never see this on Fox News, I won more votes in Wisconsin than Donald Trump won in New York.”

Giordano asked Cruz why Fox is not supporting him. Cruz believes Fox News is aligned with GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

“Well listen, Fox News has got to decide what stories they want to air and what stories they want to tell,” Cruz said. “I’m not going to worry about who they’re rooting for and what surrogates they put on and what messages they push. I’m gonna focus on my own positive message.”

Hannity has said since the dustup that he has been “more than fair” to Cruz.

At this point, there is no path to victory for Senator Cruz except a contested convention. He’s facing a rout in California and Indiana. Perhaps Fox wants to rally around the apparent winner.

There is a theory out there about what is going on for those who think Fox is antagonistic towards Senator Cruz.

Fox Would Have Warred Against Trump If Not For This – Allegedly


  1. “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” – Thomas Paine

    Politics is government. Many prefer having a earthly king vs. a heavenly one. It can be a lot easier.

    The fore fathers attempted to limit government. They knew the foibles of a man’s laws and that humans if evil would use politics for evil purposes.

    Political parties have lost that vision. It happened late in the nineteenth century and continues to eat away at the souls of human beings. We’ve become a nation of takers, and government is the best way to accomplish for takers. They come in many shapes and sizes.

    Liberty is not a right. Liberty is not freedom. Liberty is not granted by man. It is what God gives each and every human being.

    It will take millions of citizens to once again understand this. No one person can do it, and certainly not unless God is on their side. It will get much worse before any glimmer of liberty returns to America.

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