Senator John McCain Makes a Surprising Announcement About Trump


Despite not going to the Republican convention in Cleveland, Senator John McCain said he will support the presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

He explained his absence from the convention is because of the demands of his own campaign. Yesterday he explained that with a 30% Hispanic population, he is facing a tough election of his own with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket.

McCain said, “I will support the nominee” and “do what I can to influence the campaign on national security.”

John McCain, for whatever faults he may have, is a man of honor and will support his party.


Fox News host Sean Hannity ripped into Paul Ryan, the Bushes, and Romney for not supporting Trump but Reince Priebus is confidant they will come around. Romney’s comments against Trump are now being used in Hillary ads.


  1. RYAN: Every person who chooses not to vote for the GOP candidate, can and will increase the odds that DEMS will take office. It’s nice to know you’ll give up you grandchildren’s future liberties by allowing Supreme Court justices to be in place that will be anti-consitiutional. The GOP ELITIST never cease to amaze me. I have left the GOP party; however, I’m for Trump whether or not I like him. This non-stop GOP crying about the GOP wanting Trump to meet their sociological ideologies and expectations is just incomprehensible. Only once was there a Roman Empire, a British Empire, an Ottoman Empire; therefore, America will only be here once and if it digresses and begins to morph into a socialist country, it will be forever lost. This is a reckoning…………..

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