Senator McCain Condemns Memo as an Attack on FBI/DoJ, HUH?


Senator John McCain has released a strong statement condemning release of the FISA abuse memo. McCain sees the release as an attack on the FBI and DoJ. It serves Putin’s interests, he claims. Is he correct or is releasing the truth warranted?

Keep in mind that Russia influencing our elections is a very serious issue separate and apart from the collusion/obstruction narrative. Also keep in mind that the FISA warrants were obtained illicitly and McCain was a part of the entire affair because he obtained one copy of the dossier and gave it the FBI.

We have yet to see the FBI statement in response to the FISA abuse memo or see Adam Schiff’s counter memo, but, given that, it appears the entire Russia investigation was driven by deceitfully obtained FISA warrants.

Tom Fitton describes the memo as serving up a “devastating blow.” Listen to his analysis.

Tom Fitton wants the release of the underlying intelligence because there will now be dueling interpretations. The information can be easily declassified.

It would be good to know if all the people unmasked were because of the dossier, this poison tree.


Prior to the release, so-called Republican and Trump hater tweeted:

McCain is desperate to keep the Mueller investigation going. Why? What do you think of this response from the ailing senator?


  1. I read the same. McCain is likely involved more deeply than he reveals. His is part of the swamp. McCain is not a hero. McCain’s records from the time he was captured to date should be released to the public. (He had them sealed.) McCain is a liar. McCain is a traitor. McCain is unworthy of his seat in the Senate. McCain must go.

  2. On Drudge it says… Comey mocks: That’s IT. I was say “Political Spying” IS A BIG DEAL. Watergate began with the attempt to spy on Democrats headquarters.

  3. Comey’s statement shows just how damn Arrogant these officials are:

    “inexcusably exposed classified investigation of an American citizen”

    It was a “citizen” in a Presidential Campaign. Is there NOT enough blood going to his brain because of his height.
    If the Government is going to SPY on a “Presidential Campaign” there Damn well better be “Evidence beyond ANY doubt”. All the Left, And Comey, are doing PRECISELY what we accuse Putin of doing. As McCain said, “He (now Comey) is doing the bidding of Putin”.

  4. There’s something I’m noticing among the Left, and their Compatriots, whether RINO lackeys or media, in that there seems more and more an assumption that the FBI / DOJ are a “separate” branch of Government. Clapper confused the Justice Department with the “Judicial Branch”. Comey seems to have this opinion also. There’s a good many “Stupid” educated people. It’s similar to the time when Jeff Sessions was questioning Panetta in a hearing about no-fly zones in Syria. Session questioned him on where he finds the “legal authority” for such action. He mumbles around mentioning NATO and the UN. Sessions kept asking about “legal authority”. Panetta seemed to think his legal authority resides in the UN and NATO.

    I guess all these players go back to the Clinton era and “No Controlling Legal Authority”.

  5. I’m always fascinated by what people fail to notice. Everyone is “assuming” a serious conflict with Rosenstein because of his remark “you figure it out”. “Figure it out” is not necessarily a phrase that comports with dissatisfaction but is an indication of a deeper matter. There would be no question of dissatisfaction with the likes of Strzok and Page and others. I began to question this narrative when a video was shown when Wray and Rosenstein left the White House. If Trump would have raked them over the coals or expressed outrage at what’s been happening I would assume they would leave with a somber look on their face. Instead the image of Rosenstein walking to his vehicle was with a big large grin. He looked quite happy.

  6. McCain sees the release as an attack on the FBI and DoJ.

    That’s what it is — a justified attack on two law enforcement agencies that have been used, with the consent of their managements, as political weapons. Both need to be razed to the ground. Whether they should be rebuilt afterward, I haven’t yet decided.

  7. The Democrats: they protest too much. All the reporting and analysis that so many are frantic about really are overlooking what this Memo really is. The Democrats are categorizing this Memo as drawing “false conclusions” is inaccurate and many other euphemisms.

    Immediately after the vote, good ol Shiff, came out and mentioned one “astonishing” thing, as if a new and disturbing revelation; which is stated in the Memo:
    There are facts in the “Ongoing” investigation into DOJ and FBI and their use of FISA.
    The subsequent details laid out in the Memo are the findings, at present. What we have here in this Memo is an “Outline” of current findings that warrant further scrutiny. It’s not an attack but essentially “Questions” that have, as yet, to be resolved. Virtually everything in this Memo has already been reported in different places over the past year. We just didn’t know what names to associate with what.

    When the Democrats and the media attack the document they are signaling the want an end to learning all the facts. There are troubling things mentioned, but certainly not explosive. It makes a person wonder the uproar by Schiff, Democrats, and Especially Comey.

    The next step is to take this Memo and see how it coordinates with the FISA declassified report. If That is the supporting information they it very well could be explosive. So, is This what they fear.

  8. Someone in the media questioned this had nothing to do with unmasking, which was what Nunes was confronted with in visiting the White House.

    Well, something stuck out at me in the Memo.
    “…received a FISA probable cause order, “Not” under TitleVII”.

    This eliminates the FISA declassified Memo since it was dealing with unmasking via the NSA.

    The FBI / DOJ went to the FISA court with “evidence” that Carter Page was a “foreign agent”, and therefore requested direct FISA Title 1 surveillance of that target on October 21st, 2016. THIS would
    allow surveillance of Page and any associates, namely Trump. I’ve heard no one mention this. If Trump is directly associating himself with a “foreign agent” then he is also under consideration. THIS may be why the Democrats and the media are rather direct in their contention Trump is basically a Russian agent. Since the Media has their contacts, anonymous sources, in the bowels of Government no doubt they have contacts that have promoted this surveillance.

    So, therefore, we know this was NOT incidental surveillance, And, may be the same with Flynn. He, too, would be considered an associate with a foreign agent. It may be Flynn was Not incidentally collected either.

    This could all be Much MORE devastating than we all thought. It very well may be Literally “Third World” / “Russian” style activity.

  9. In the HPSCI outline it specifically notes the targeting of U.S. individual Carter Page was NOT a FISA Title VII search request. Title VII is FISA(702), the incidental collection of U.S. person information as it relates to National Security or Counterintelligence operations targeting foreign individuals.The FBI were not targeting Page incidentally as an outcome of foreign intelligence collection; the FBI was targeting Carter Page directly. AND as such they carried full surveillance authority upon all of this activities, interactions, communications and contacts therein.Because of this direct approach, any group, organization or entity who came in contact with U.S. Person Carter Page was then open for ancillary review and FBI investigation. Those who engaged in contact with Carter Page became subject to surveillance and searches in the same manner as if Page was an actual foreign agent…………Trump and Co were spied on through this back door roundabout FISA warrant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where are the Handcuffs????????

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