Senator McCain’s Dossier Emissary Is Avoiding Subpoenas


A new report at Daily Caller shows that Senator John McCain’s close and long time associate David Kramer is avoiding subpoenas requiring him to answer questions about the discredited Russia-Trump dossier.

David Kramer

A Russian tech executive is suing Buzzfeed for publishing the scurrilous dossier story and his lawyer says that Senator John McCain’s Democrat associate of many years, David Kramer, has so far refused to cooperate with the subpoenas in the dossier case.

Lawyers for Aleksej Gubarev say Kramer has been avoiding the subpoenas for weeks.

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are also challenging subpoenas.

Gubarev’s lawyers want to know who gave the dossier to Buzzfeed.

The dossier was authored by Christopher Steele, a former British spy who gathered the information from Kremlin agents.

Kramer was McCain’s emissary who went to the UK to acquire the dossier. He was also a former State Department official who worked in the Hillary Clinton State Department and is senior director for the McCain Institute for International Leadership. The McCain Institute has taken large donations from George Soros.

The dossier accused Gubarev and his company of hacking into the DNC, using spam, viruses and porn bots which he vehemently denies.

The attorneys want to find out if Buzzfeed was warned the dossier was fake. It would show their recklessness.

McCain’s entire story about the dossier is shaky. Maybe they should subpoena him.


  1. This is the result of Congress allowing themselves to become irrelevant. Eight long years during the Obama regime, they FAILED to do their jobs and to follow up.

    From Holder to Clinton’s IT guy, people under subpoena either danced in and out of congress, refused to answer anything or just ignored congress completely. Members of congress did absolutely nothing, not a one punished. So why would anybody pay any attention to them now or ever again?

    You’ll recall Lois Lerner first made a statement then followed by taking the 5th. They should have had her arrested ON THE SPOT. Instead, they whined a little bit and did nothing.

    Congress has made themselves impotent…or at least Republicans in Congress have.

  2. A U.S. judge reportedly denied a request from Natalia Veselnitskaya’s, the Russian lawyer at the center of a now-famous Trump Tower meeting, to obtain temporary immigration status so she can defend a claim against Prevezon Holdings

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