Senator Menendez Won’t Dignify Latest Scandalous Revelations


menendez is probably a duck

Senator Menendez, who is under investigation for allegedly using his office to help his friend and benefactor Saloman Melgen secure a lucrative port security contract, has been exposed by the NY Post for dalliances with a married woman. The adultery is not the story. The story is that Menendez tried to prevent the appointment of Rosa Emilia Rodriguez-Velez as US attorney for Puerto Rico.

As interim US attorney, Rodriguez-Vila investigated Menendez’ friend, former Puerto Rico governor Anibal Acevedo Vila. Menendez and his married girlfriend, Cecilia Reynolds, stayed at the then-governor’s residence while the investigation was going on.

Ms. Rodriguez-Velez won the appointment despite Menendez’ best efforts to prevent it. Rodriguez-Velez pursued the investigation against Vila who was indicted in 2008 of 19 criminal counts though he was later found not guilty.

The National Legal and Policy Center recently exposed Senator Menendez’s affair.

The Chairman of the center, Ken Boehm, said:

“Menendez apparently sees no ethics problem with taking his married girlfriend to the Puerto Rican governor’s beach house while the governor was under federal investigation, and published reports describe Menendez as putting a senatorial hold on the nomination of the US attorney who was to oversee the investigation. Is there any wonder the public has such a low opinion of elected officials?”

In 2007. Menendez ran a full-page campaign ad in the newspaper his paramour Cecilia Reynolds started – Nosotros. The newspaper returned the favor by posting flattering pieces about him. He in turn said that it was one of the best newspapers he ever read in either Spanish or English.

The Senate ethics committee is currently investigating Menendez’ actions over his friend Dr. Melgen.

In 2011, Menendez accepted plane flights to the Dominican Republic from his pal Dr. Melgen. Menendez only paid Melgen back after he – Menendez -was exposed, two years after the trips took place, in January 2011.

Menendez and his office took actions that aided Melgen’s company and Melgen donated large sums to the largest SuperPAC that helped elect Menendez.

Melgen allegedly hired senate lobbyists on his company’s behalf. Melgen’s company Vitreo-Retinal Consultants is said to have over-billed Medicare by $8.9 million.

Melgen said he and Menendez are like brothers, speaking to one another every week and seeing each other monthly, at least they did until Melgen was arrested. Read about it here.

Senator Menendez for his part has refused to respond to the latest disclosures and is very indignant over the smears against his character. He’s acting out the playbook.

Menendez is one of the Gang of Eight shoving the immigration bill through the Senate.

This is a good example of what we have representing us in DC.