Senator Rand Paul Is Fighting a Lonely Battle Against Illegal Arms Sales


The video below will be enlightening for many.

Rand Paul is a warrior in the Senate. We need more like him.

Rand Paul explained to his father Ron Paul during an interview on The Liberty Report that weapons were going from Libya to Syria. Hillary lied about what the CIA was doing in Libya during her testimony about Benghazi before the Senate, he said.

She was indignant and arrogant over Senator Paul’s questioning of her about it even though it had been reported in the NY Times, the London Times and other newspapers.

Hillary believes the best defense is a good offense.

Senator Paul said it was so chaotic over there that someone would simply say, I love America, can you give me a surface-to-air weapon.

That is what Hillary oversaw but takes no responsibility for.

Rand Paul is currently blocking the arms to Saudi Arabia. For one thing, it’s illegal.

Saudi Arabia has gotten more arms under Barack Obama than under any other president. The Arms Export Control Act prohibits the sale of arms unless it’s for the legitimate self-defense of the country but Saudi Arabia is using these arms against another country.

We are violating the Act.

Senator Paul also objects to our technology being give to our frenemies.

We become complicit in anything Saudi Arabia does with these weapons, the senator said.