Senator Schumer Wants to Control Foreign Cruise Ships



Irony of all ironies! The NY Senator who has no regard for our country’s Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment – Chuck Schumer – wants a cruise ship Bill of Rights. He hopes to capitalize on the Carnival Cruise Line’s misery.

Carnival has been hurting from two second cruise ship disablements, though the current one is grossly exaggerated.

To make certain Carnival is embarrassed further, the opportunist in the Senate is jumping aboard.

He called cruise lines the “Wild West of the Shipping Industry” and wants to mandate refunds, beefed up medical staffing and backup power.

What ever would we do without this big government progressive controlling everything? Is there no private enterprise he won’t ruin?

Sometimes stuff happens. Cruise ships generally do give refunds for a spoiled trip and if they don’t, people don’t use their cruise line. That is the beauty of free enterprise.

Schumer made sure to mention the cruise ships are largely foreign to help his case.

He wants to spread his big nanny government to the rest of the world.

We need big government involved in the cruise industry like we need a plague of locusts.

Full story at the NY Daily News