Senegal Is Ebola-Free Because They Closed Their Borders


Senegal border
Senegal border crossing with Guinea

Senegal closed its borders at the end of March and they are now Ebola-free.

At the end of March, Senegal closed its border crossings to Guinea “until further notice” because neighbors Liberia and Sierra Leone reported suspected cases of the disease. Friday, the World Health Organization declared Senegal Ebola-free.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it “commends the country on its diligence to end the transmission of the virus,” citing Senegal’s quick and thorough response.

“Senegal’s response is a good example of what to do when faced with an imported case of Ebola,” the WHO said in a statement. “The government’s response plan included identifying and monitoring 74 close contacts of the patient, prompt testing of all suspected cases, stepped-up surveillance at the country’s many entry points and nationwide public awareness campaigns.”

Cases are still spreading in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, with more than 4,500 deaths.

When asked about their success, officials in Senegal credited their success to closing the borders, having a good medical identification system, and being lucky.

This is not only great news, it’s a clear message on how to best contain it – closing the borders is a given! We certainly need to step up our identification and isolation system as well.

We not only need to limit travel, we need to close our southern border.

The email concluded by stating that the chances of “the chances of a widespread outbreak here in the United States are extremely low.”

Mr. Obama prefers to send the U.S. military to West Africa to put up tents, exposing them to the virus.

Mr. Obama is weakening in his resolve to leave all borders open. He is now saying he has no problem with the idea of limiting travel – we know that’s not true – but none of his advisers recommend it. Blame the advisers!

He will close the borders – right before the election. His new czar – with no health background whatsoever – will tell him to do it and give him an out.

The White House sent me an email yesterday telling me the facts about Ebola.

In bold writing, it said that “The only way a person can get Ebola is through direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is already showing symptoms of the disease.”

Then, in a little blue box, it said you can get it from “infected animals” and from “objects contaminated with the virus”.

The warning didn’t include the fact that the virus can last on surfaces for up to six days. The CDC’s own website states that as fact.

This is not most peoples’ understanding of direct contact.

The email also said that “If a person does not have symptoms, they are not contagious.”

They don’t know that for certain. Even if it’s true, we know we can’t trust people with low-grade fevers to stay out of the public areas. Some victims don’t get the low-grade fever first.

Also, it’s important to note that as a virus progresses, it becomes more likely it can be spread. We simply don’t know at what point that occurs.

Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan said all along that limiting travel won’t solve the problem. Now she is saying it’s what she said all along – there should be a travel ban. She’s a liar.

This administration treats the Ebola crisis like a political event when it’s obviously a health issue.