Seniors Are Waking Up!



Yeah!  I know!

Paul Ryan says Social Security is going broke. Obama says we are not.

It’s “way” in the future. His plan will fix it, some day (what plan?) Don’t worry, all you senior’s (like me!) “just keep voting for me,” says our President.

“He’s working late into night” says Michelle !!!

Well, another “new Government report,” unfortunately for the President and the country, showed us how really bad the situation is.

Obama may have to stop these damn studies and start them again after NOVEMBER (remember these studies themselves produce or save lots of jobs!).

OK – Ready for this “new” study?

  • Social Security  (which pays retirement AND disability benefits WILL run out if money, 3 YEARS sooner than expected, IN 2033\\
  •  But worse, ready for this one, Mr. President?  The disability part WILL RUN OUT OF MONEY IN 2016! They NEVER told me that one! NEVER MENTIONED BY OUR PRESIDENT!
  • If that occurs, benefits would AUTOMATICALLY be cut by 25%!  (Obama better keep that one quiet until AFTER the election!) Oh, I forgot! We’ll just add it to the deficit! How silly of me!

How big is the problem?

  • Social Security, NOW, accounts for one third of the ENTIRE federal budget
  • Just how many people are we talking about? Ready for this one ? Maybe the question should be  “how many “VOTERS” are we talking about?  The answer is 56 MILLION PEOPLE
  • And maybe the worse, the Social Security disability program AND the Medicare program that covers hospital care is ALREADY paying more in benefits than is taken in! (the retirement portion still collects more than it spends, but the rapidly aging population will change that portion soon as well!)

I know this is an election year.

I know that the reality of the situation is

  •    That Obama will NOT tackle this problem this year or ever!)
  •    That his campaign will be to try and “scare” retiree’s like me, into voting for him!

But, Mr. President, don’t let the facts get in your way!  WE CAN’T WAIT!

Old folks like me have woken up!

You can’t lie to us anymore!

You can NOT count on the senior vote anymore! (I HOPE !)

185 days until NOVEMBER!