Sentinel’s Lie of the Year: Politifact Is Politically Factual


PolitiFact, the liberal-biased fact checker, is calling ‘if you like your health insurance, you will keep your health insurance,’ the biggest lie of 2013. This is deceptive in itself, it’s been a lie since 2009 while Politifact was supporting Obamacare.


In 2012, the runner up for Politifact lie of the year was “Obamacare is . . . the largest tax increase in the history of the world.” — Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. As it turns out, it is the largest tax increase, and it is the largest mass redistribution of wealth in the United States. Off topic, but the winner that year was Romney’s GM jeep ad claiming that jeep production was being moved to China. As it turns out, jeep production was sent to China immediately after the election and Romney was right.

In 2010, Politifact said the lie of the year was Obamacare as a “government takeover of health care”.  they were wrong again. It is a government takeover. Tens of millions, perhaps more, will be forced onto government healthcare.

In 2009, the lie of the year was death panels. They said there would be no board set up to decide whether seniors and the disabled were worthy of certain types of care. In fact, Obama did set up the IPAB, the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which will do exactly that by limiting payments to doctors and hospitals for what they say is not acceptable treatment. They will ration care as we know directly from Ezekiel Emanuel and Peter Singer.

In 2011, they gave Republicans the nod on Medicare but said their readers wanted it to be the Republicans claiming the Stimulus created zero jobs.

The Sentinel’s lie of the year for 2013 is Politifact pretending they are straight shooters. Their pants are on fire.