Sequestration Will Destroy the Defense Department Starting in January


Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has testified that sequestration would be “devastating.” He told Congress that the cuts would require the Pentagon to “throw [its defense] strategy out the window.” ~ Leon Panetta

President Obama wants a nuclear-free United States while Iran is becoming a nuclear nation. Under Obama’s plan, we will have the same amount of nuclear armaments as France. Upcoming cuts to defense might be exactly what he wants.

Come January, sequestration will result in the Unites States having the smallest navy since 1915 with 232 ships. It means we will have the smallest army since 1940. It means we will have the smallest air force in the history of America. There will be 1.1 million private sector jobs lost while over 27 million Americans are out of work.

Both parties came up with the idea of sequestration, which are deep cuts to defense if the congress fails to act on cuts decided upon by the Super Committee.

We have already cut $487 billion from defense and are facing another $500 billion in January.

The defense cuts will be massive. Warnings to employees who might be laid off are supposed to be sent out by November, but Obama, for political reasons, advised the defense department to not send out layoff notices in violation of the law. Obviously he is worried about the effect it might have on his election and the law is not important in his mind.

Obama is promising it won’t hurt the military. If these cuts don’t come from firing of service men and women, it must come from equipment. How can we send our military into the field without equipment?

President Obama put through a budget that no one voted for, which he said would avoid sequestration. It was not a serious budget. Since that time, he has sat on the sidelines.

Senator Lindsey Graham explains: