Sergio Dipp Getting Trashed As Worst Sideline Reporter Ever In History


We hope people give this 29-year old Millennial Sergio Dipp another chance though we aren’t sure it will help after his calamitous start as a sideline reporter during primetime football.

He usually does the Spanish translation and it was his very first time announcing in English.

Instead of talking about the game, Sergio went into an extremely unwanted diversity line most people don’t want to hear at a football game. Listen below.

What’s really funny is ESPN didn’t want an Asian announcing a game because his name was Robert Lee and now Dipp is trending on Twitter for a bad reason and he has become a meme – that’s very, very bad.

His apology didn’t go well either.

As an aside, would someone please explain to me why all Hispanics are minorities? Especially Sergio, he’s whiter than I am. Will Germans and French eventually be minorities too as long as they promise to be Progressives?

Social media buried Dipp today:

Before I make fun of Sergio Dipp, I’m doing a quick internet search to make sure he’s not a Make a Wish kid.

Just had to ‘twitter’ Sergio Dipp to make sure he was a real ESPN analyst and not some kid who won a contest.

It’s great how ESPN gives back and lets kids like Sergio Dipp pretend to be sideline reporters during #MNF

Sergio Dipp during his interview at ESPN — ESPN:You’re hired


Sergio Dipp putting ESPN on his back and carrying them back to the top.


People need to keep in mind that he’s a Millennial and thinks all people want to hear about during primetime football is ‘diversity’.

Give him another shot! The NFL and ESPN are becoming memes and Sergio has a long way to go before he will look as ridiculous.

He’s starring in a movie but we think a big whale should have swallowed him at the end.