Seriously? Preacher Wore A Hoodie to the White House???


Politico reports that President Obama held the White House pre-Easter prayer breakfast this morning. Rev. Al Sharpton, in the midst of a vigilante action, was invited.

One preacher, Bishop John Bryant, wore a hoodie. He told American Urban Radio that he wore it in tribute to “all of our young African Americans and minorities who are profiled.”

That is really not okay because it is exploiting a tragedy and one that has not been adjudicated. There is no clear evidence that George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin and it is not our job to decide.

What is being lost here with all the twisted media hype is that a 17 year old child is dead. He just wanted to eat his skittles and talk to his girlfriend on the phone. That is beyond tragic. Why is this becoming a circus taken right to the White House door with the help of Rev. Al and a Bishop in a hoodie?

Joe Biden was at the breakfast joking and doing his collectivist thing, calling for “equal sacrifice” and complimenting Obama’s tax the evil rich policy. Of course this is a man who is rich and who gives almost nothing to charity so I don’t know if he really understands what equal sacrifice really means.