Set the World on Fire or At Least Your Garage – Buy A Chevy Volt

Garage Fire Might Have Been Caused By Volt Which Was Destroyed in the Fire

The government pushed GM to produce the Volt and that is one good reason for the government to stay out of the car business. The Volt’s lithium ion battery went on fire after a safety crash test last week.

Government Motors tried to say it was because the proper protocols weren’t followed when the test was conducted. The fact that the car was sitting in a parking lot three weeks after the test when it went on fire seems to have no bearing on GM’s assessment.

This week two Volt batteries went on fire when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tested three of them. NHTSA has opened a case file. Bloomberg

The GM claim is that the batteries have only caught on fire during tests, however, at least one garage fire, which is picture above, might have been caused by the battery.

Oh, by the way, you know that $14+ billion the taxpayers lost on the GM bailout, well, it’s up to $24+ billion and rising. Get the government out of the market place or there won’t be one.

We should do to GM what we did to Toyota – fine them millions of dollars and recall every Volt, which wouldn’t be very many cars anyway.