Seven Blistering LIES! Hillary Makes Calculated Move to Go On Fox News Sunday


It’s painful listening to Hillary – she is a congenital liar.

Hillary Clinton’s interview with Chris Wallace was an obvious attempt to win over the Independents and anti-Trump forces. She manipulated the truth masterfully and she bought into the conspiracy theory about Trump and Russia but she is good at that — she is the one who started the Obama birther story.


Hillary Clinton lied about what Director Comey said about her emails. He said clearly that she violated the law but he couldn’t indict her because their wasn’t enough proof of “intent.”

This is the full exchange about the Clinton scheme with FBI Director Jim Comey.


Hillary is now claiming she won’t overturn Heller, the SCOTUS decision that says US citizens are entitled to self-defense with a firearm. She won’t have to, her buddies in SCOTUS will do it for her.

Here she is saying Heller is wrong.

In this video, she says, “If it is a constitutional right…” referring to the Second Amendment. She went on to say that every right we have is subject to regulations.

Yeah, that’s a lie, she wants Heller overturned.



She said her husband Bill’s speaking fees didn’t soar while she was secretary of state.

Of the 13 Clinton speeches that fetched $500,000 or more, only two occurred during the years his wife was not secretary of state,” according to the New York Times, left-wing Politifact reported..

ABC News also examined Clinton’s speaking records and found many instances in which he took in money from groups with pending interests at the State Department.



She then addressed the key issue and that is the ultimate deception. She is making the Wikileaks exposure of corruption at the DNC that denied Bernie Sanders a fair shot at being elected [not that we wanted him to win] about Trump being cozy with Putin. She took his silly joke which I have made myself and treated it as if he was serious. If he was going to joke, he should have said he put in a FOIA request to Putin for the records. It was a non-story and people are buying into it.

She went on Fox News because she knows that there is a large group of Republican neverTrumpers who buy into conspiracy theories about Trump being tied into Putin and communist Russia.

The person who has been good to Russia is Hillary herself who helped facilitate the sale of our uranium mine to Russia giving them control of 20 to 25% of the US uranium with a potential output of 50%.

Obama gave up the Eastern European missile defense because Russia wanted it and we got nothing in return. Hillary allegedly reset relations with Russia and they’ve gone downhill ever since. She supported Obama giving Russia’s ally Iran the ability to develop a nuclear weapon in ten years. It was Hillary who destroyed Libya, tried to destroy Egypt, turning them over to The Muslim Brotherhood, and it was Hillary and Obama who turned the Middle East over to Russia.

The interview starts out with the Russian distraction and lies with Hillary saying we know Russia hacked into the DNC. We don’t know that yet. It’s clearly untrue.



The lies were never-ending and she is proud of her corrupt Clinton Foundation which is being investigated by the IRS – so expect them to lie and cover for her. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party. Only 20% of the take from that Foundation goes visibly to charity. The people in Haiti didn’t get those donations and are still living in tents. They were supposed to get little houses to live in. That story of money disappearing into the Foundation plays over and over.

Exclusive…The Most Outrageous Clinton Scandal Is About to Hit the Fan


She again reiterated that she wants to overturn Citizen’s United. That is truly the end of the First Amendment as we know it.

If you don’t know how this impacts and how it came about, please listen to the video of Ted Cruz on the next link, regardless of how you feel about him – he nails it on this one.

This isn’t about too much money in politics, it’s about the First Amendment but the Democrats won’t tell you that. They want to silence political dissent.

Hillary’s Anti-Citizen’s United Case Is Really About Banning an Anti-Hillary Movie

SEVENTH DANGEROUS LIE [and eight and ninth and tenth]

She wants her own bank – an infrastructure bank. She claims it will bring in private investors who want to commit to rebuilding our infrastructure. Go to 10:52 on the full interview. A bank? The government with their own bank and the US taxpayer as their ATM?

She also lied and said Obama just didn’t have time to complete his progressive agenda. The entire eight years of failure weren’t failures at all according to her. Then she lied about lying to Pat Smith, mother of the murdered Sean Smith [Benghazi], and the father of Tyrone Woods, saying she didn’t hold ill feeling towards them though they didn’t recall what was said. She put out ads in Pakistan blaming the video and lied about that too in this interview.

Hillary told Scott Pelley of CBS that she has “tried to level with the American people…she “tried” to always “tell the truth.”

As William Saffire wrote in 1996, “Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady [Hillary] — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar.”

You will never get the truth from her.


  1. Watching Hillary Clinton on Fox News Sunday was excruciatingly painful. She started out by saying that she was glad to be there. Now we all know that was a lie or she would not have stayed away from Fox for five years and away from any interview for months and months. It went downhill from there. She lied, lied again and then lied about lying. She SAYS that she wants to gain the trust of the American people. Too bad she has not a CLUE as to how to do it. Watching was like watching a really really really bad singer on America’s Got Talent – you feel sorry for him and wish it were over. You sit there and say to yourself “there are actually people who are going to vote for this woman.” I suppose we now know why Hillary avoids interviews. If she wants to win, she should just disappear until November. It just makes you wonder what the hell is going to happen to this country with so many people willing to overlook this woman’s depravity, dishonesty, corruption and deceit! How can our country survive?

    • Wasn’t it awful? Constant lying but a lot of people aren’t paying attention and will fall for it.

  2. When she is presented with audio/ video evidence that she clearly lied, she continues to lie about it, unbelievable!!!!!! whats really scary to me is the millions of people will still vote for her, if she gets to the whitehouse with all these lies, corruption, following her, above the law attitude is going to skyrocket!!!!! she will know she can get away with anything, she even argued with Wallace about Obama’s illegal executive amnesty!!!!!! good luck America!!!!!!!!!

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