Why Obama Couldn’t Say No to the Tango


obama tangos

The media has run to Obama’s rescue yet again after he danced the tango while Brussels burned and people lay dead and wounded at the hands of ISIS. That was right after he did the wave with the Cuban communist dictator who tortures and imprisons his people.

Here are seven of the excuses the so-called unbiased media has come up with.


France 24 lauded Obama’s tango as “soft power.” [It’s soft alright.]

“Dancing tango, watching baseball and acting in a TV comedy, US President Barack Obama used cultural soft power to polish his country’s image in Latin America this week, France 24 reported.”


Newsday – and others – sees him as reluctant and it was only a brief dance.

New York Newsday wrote that Barack and Michelle refused requests to dance by the professional dancers several times and the president “gave in to a brief dance.” So, he only gave in for a brief dance. What does the length of time have to do with it?


The LA Times says he was dancing past the dark days.

LA Times made his dance into a major international diplomatic effort. Their title blared, “Obama does the tango with Argentina” and the article began:

He danced the tango, lauded Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi and made amends for U.S. complicity in one of the country’s darkest eras.

President Obama prepared to leave Argentina on Thursday night, having endeared himself to much of the population.

Obama blamed the US for Argentina’s “dirty war” and apologized for the US. Argentina was averaging a new dictator every 1.7 years. They elected the Perons and the other communists who destroyed their nations.


So CNN sees this as a dance to get trade and investment going.

CNN wrote, “When in Argentina, dance the tango…Obama is in Argentina to discuss Argentina’s reform agenda. The White House hopes the trip will increase cooperation in trade and investment for Americans.”


Mother Jones is blaming the advance person. Mother Jones, the Soros-funded site, also saw the Obama innocence of it all.

President Obama danced the tango during a state dinner in Argentina on Wednesday, after receiving a friendly invitation from a professional to join her on the dance floor. The president, who initially tried to decline the dance, nailed the impromptu performance, which was both wonderfully awkward and a delight to watch for everyone else.

Well, almost everyone. By morning light, political pundits jumped at the opportunity to chastise the president

…However, the advance person who let him do the tango, that person ought to be looking for work on somebody’s—in somebody’s campaign very far away. That was a tremendous mistake.


NPR thinks that “When in Rome — or in this case, Buenos Aires…”

They also used the ‘he tried to decline’ excuse.


Huffington Post wrote this [get your barf bag ready]

President Barack Obama is living his best life.

While on a diplomatic trip to Argentina on Wednesday, Obama made a valiant attempt at the country’s signature dance: the tango.

The main theme is he tried to decline and didn’t dance for long. Obama can’t stand up to a tango dancer! This is why we have the mess we have.

This is the media covering for Obama who frankly doesn’t give a damn. He didn’t give a damn when he yucked it up on the golf course after James Foley was beheaded. He didn’t care about the “bumps in the road” in Benghazi nor did he care about the many people who died because of his actions in Libya and Egypt. He certainly didn’t care when Assad was responsible for more than 200,000 of his own countrymen, women and children. He doesn’t CARE and that’s why these bad photo-ops keep coming. He knows the media will cover for him.

Ric Grenell suggested a way that a real leader would have handled it.

In case you missed his valiant, reluctant, soft power diplomacy, here it is. Does he look reluctant or unprepared to you?


  1. In retrospect, he was dancing on the graves, of to this point, at least confirmed 2 dead Americans.

  2. Anyone else see a pattern here? Everytime Islam kills, Obama celebrates. Fort Hood, “only workplace violence” so I’m off to play golf. San Bernadino, “let’s not jump to any conclusions who the killers were as it was “work place” violence, so I’m off to play golf. Oh, was there a bombing in Brussels, well it was not in America and I am on my historic trip to Cuba, so lets just do the tango. Snickering to himself, the Terrorists will see that they don’t warrent my attention with their petty killings and will stop. As more people die due to ISIS. He is inept but the People who voted for him see him as the first “BLACK” president. That has been the problem all along, voting for him based on the color of his skin and over-looking his lack of Character. George W Bush came to NYC to cry with New Yorkers and Americans after 9-11 he didn’t go out and play a round of golf or do the cha-cha.

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