Seven of Hillary’s Worst Tweets for Friday October 30th



On any given day, Hillary Clinton talks about “investments” (taxes), spending, regulation, big government, and she always can be counted on to blow with the wind. We pulled out seven of her tweets for Friday, October 30th which are consistent if nothing else. We saved the best for last.


“Whether you’re a teacher, an executive, or a world-champion soccer player, you deserve equal pay. Red card, GOP. ‪ 

She wants women in sports to make the exact pay as men.The inequality in ratings, ad revenue, and attendance between the men’s and women’s World Cup accounts for the inequality in prize money.


“40 million Americans have student debt. We need to make college affordable once and for all,” she tweeted.

She wants debt-free college. Since nothing is free, all the rest of us will have to pay for anyone who decides to take a two-year vacation in college. In August, Mike Huckabee slammed her:

“Colleges and universities are charging an outrageous amount of money for diplomas and this disastrous economy is making it impossible for graduates to pay their loans and launch their careers,” Huckabee said in a statement.

It would be at least $350 billion in new government spending.

“We must hold colleges that saddle students with mountains of debt accountable,” Huckabee added. “We must stop overlooking the importance of trade schools and reject a one-size-fits-all college plan for every American. But most importantly, we must grow our economy out of this bottomless pit because if our children and grandchildren cannot find a good-paying job, everything else is just political theater.”


“We can’t afford to have a Republican in the White House. If you’re with Hillary, add your name:”

We can’t afford a Democrat. Obama increased the national debt by ten trillion by the time he leaves office.


“Everyone who works hard and does their part should see that work reflected in a rising paycheck.”

Hillary believes it’s the government that should make that happen.


“We can’t wait any longer to keep our communities safe. We need to act on gun violence prevention. #GOPdebate”

Nothing new here, she wants our guns.


“La retórica ofensiva de los candidatos Republicanos sobre los Latinos es vergonzosa y no tiene lugar en la política. #CNBCGOPDebate”

Translation: The offensive rhetoric of the Republican candidates for Latinos is shameful and has no place in politics.

She’s pandering to Hispanics and demonizing the GOP in one sentence.


Tweet ONE is the winner. Hillary wants men in Texas’ Ladies Rooms!

She supports the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) that would make Houston businesses allow men who are dressed in female attire or say they feel like a woman to use women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms, regardless of their biological sex. She seems unaware of the danger to women.