Sex-Selection Abortions After 5 Months Gestation


The Turkish Prime Minister made some remarks recently that are considered highly controversial, especially to the purveyors of the faux women’s rights movement.

“Whether you kill a baby in its mother’s stomach or you kill a baby after birth, there is no difference,” Erdoğan said.Erdoğan also noted that “every abortion is like an Uludere,” a reference to an incident in December of last year in which 34 civilians were killed by the Turkish military in an air strike near the Iraqi border in the Kurdish-dominated Southeast. In support of Erdoğan’s statements, Health Minister Recep Akdağ told the press on Tuesday: “Abortion is a method that should not be preferred unless it is a medical necessity.

Abortions in Turkey are permitted up until 10 weeks gestation – longer if it is a medical necessity. That sounds reasonable to me.

A columnist, Gültekin Avcı, commented –

Avcı commented: “If we refer to a life [of a baby], we cannot bring into it women’s rights because the baby also has rights. Human rights activists should not legitimize abortions under name of women’s rights because they [abortions] violate the rights of babies. We cannot take up the right to life of a human being.”

In the United States, we follow Progressive values when it comes to abortion. We now believe, apparently, that only the woman’s rights matter, even up to the time of birth – just ask the Obamas, who are staunch supporters of partial birth abortions. You see, there is no God, no absolute, just values relative to our own selfish needs.

Sex-selection abortions must take place at 5 months or later because one cannot know the sex of a baby until 5 months gestation when the baby is fully developed and only needs to grow.

The original abortion law, Roe vs. Wade, limited abortions to 3 months gestation unless there was a medical reason. The proponents of Roe vs. Wade knew they had to inch into late term abortions.

Look how far we have come thanks to Planned Parenthood, the Satanic cult of women’s rights –

We are China now, in fact, we are far worse because we know better and do not have a population explosion –

The House will vote on a ban of sex-selection abortions today. I will update when the vote is announced.

All you women, who want your rights, they have brainwashed you. Just stop including me in this women’s rights movement. Call it the Progressive Women’s Rights movement because you don’t speak for me.