Sexual Harassment Claims Against Herman Cain & Barack Obama


Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”

~ Ben Franklin

I’d personally like to add – believe none of what you read, research it yourself, and form your own opinion.

Personally, I don’t know if the women accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment are telling the truth and I don’t care if he had a 13 year affair, though I’m not sure if that happened either. Anyway, if Clinton can do it, so can Cain.

I am more concerned about Cain’s foreign policy knowledge and experience though I am aware that neither Clinton nor Obama had any such experience.

According to some reports, one of the Cain accusers works for the Democratic Party and another lives in the same building as Axelrod. Nothing to be suspicious of there. Of course there are 5 or 6 women and at least one alleged eye witness so it must be true, right?

Talking about this is meant to be a prelude to a story that came out in the Kansas Citian, which claims that when Obama was President of the Harvard Law Review, two male student editors complained of sexual harassment by Barack Obama.

If Herman is fair game, so is Barack. No holds barred.

This is the story from The Kansas Citian –

The men complained of sexually suggestive behavior by Obama that made them angry and uncomfortable, the sources said, and they signed agreements with the university that gave them financial payouts to leave the journal. The agreements also included language that bars the men from talking about their departures…White House spokesman Jay Carney told THE KANSAS CITIAN the president indicated to White House staff that he was “vaguely familiar” with the charges and that the university’s general counsel had resolved the matter.

The Kansas Citian also claims that they have the identity of the male students but are shielding their identity. I am not familiar with The Kansas Citian but this story can’t be true. If Jay Carney were involved, we would have heard about it. The Kansas Citian is a blog, not a journal or newspaper, and it deals with matters affecting Kansas City according to their site.

Then there is the Obama hustle which claims the AP reported on a third man who allegedly said Obama sexually harassed him while he was at the University of Chicago. Just the name of the blog would make me doubt the veracity of their report, especially since their AP link doesn’t work and I can find no such story on the AP.

However, the story is all over the Internet and is being reported by multiple sources so it must be true, right?

These stories are likely parodies.

All this being said, it’s not likely that Herman Cain’s presidential bid will go on much longer, but his campaign is not the point.

My point in reporting this is not to relate gossip about personal matters relating to Obama or Cain, but to point out the problem with gossipy attacks on Herman Cain. Don’t believe the lamestream media without voluminous verification. Our media, especially the Internet, is all messed up.