Sgt Disarmed, Arrested for “Rude” Display of His Weapon


cj grisholm

If a man just has a firearm he’s dangerous…the officer said..

The police and an anti-gun prosecutor are clashing with local military around Ft. Hood. It came to a head when an army sergeant was disarmed and arrested for “rudely” displaying his firearm. He has a concealed carry permit.

“While out hiking with my son through backcountry roads to help him earn his Eagle Scout rank, I was illegally arrested and disarmed without cause. I was thrown in jail and my lawfully owned weapons were confiscated without receipt or notice,” Sgt. CJ Grisham wrote on the website for the defense fund.[daily caller]

Sgt. Grisholm is a military blogger who writes with blunt honesty which has led to the locals wanting to shut down his free speech. Apparently, they also want his guns. Read his articles at