Sarah Murnaghan Is Getting a Lung Transplant Now


Sarah Murnaghan

Photo of Sarah Murnaghan and her friend

Update: 21:05: Sarah is out of surgery and the operation was successful so far.

Original Story: Sarah Murnaghan, the 10-year old child who has been the subject of a lung transplant controversy, is being prepped now to receive an adult lung. The surgery will take place shortly.

Children’s lungs are far less available than adult lungs for obvious reasons. There is an arbitrary age-cutoff of 13-years for children to receive adult lungs even though the lungs are viable for younger children in some cases.

Sarah is just shy of 12-years and was not allowed to be placed on the adult transplant list though her doctors believed an adult lung would be viable for her because of the cutoff.

The parents brought it to court and the judge issued a restraining order against Kathleen Sebelius and HHS allowing Sarah to be placed on the adult transplant list. Sebelius did not contest the order which ends this Friday.

Sarah Murnaghan is very sick and there is a long road ahead for her but she at least has a fair shot.

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