Shared Governance, Condoleeza Rice and What Really Went on at Rutgers



Protest at Rutgers

A small number of Marxists and Muslims were behind the recent debacle at Rutgers. Shared governance, the new PC, assures “sensitivity” for every “stakeholder” in a university and elsewhere. It explains how something like this could happen.

The recent protest against Condoleeza Rice is part of the war against non-liberal women, particularly Black non-liberal women. That being said, there is a far more alarming back story behind the cancellation of Condoleeza Rice’s speech at Rutgers and the media is carefully avoiding it.

It ties into the White House, radical Muslims and Marxists, and the soft tyranny of shared governance now pervading our college campuses.

About 50 students, out of the 45,000 students on campus, occupied the office of University President Robert Barchi who was not present at the time. They demanded the cancellation of Condi Rice’s presence at their university. She was supposed to receive an honorary degree and speak to the graduation class.

These occupiers are basically the same people who occupied Wall Street and a number of other cities in 2011. A National Lawyers Guild observer was present within the building during the occupation of President Barchi’s office. The National Lawyers Guild is a communist front organization that also had an active presence at Occupy Wall Street. They were the ones bailing the occupiers out.

The mob, driven by a handful of Marxist professors, included a large number of Muslim students in the Muslim Student Association, and very far-left instigators and enablers. They claimed the protest wasn’t against free speech but rather against Dr. Rice receiving an honorary degree.

That’s a ruse. They said that because they were trying to avoid being criticized for shutting down free speech, which was exactly what they were doing.

The Muslim Student Association had a hand in it as well as the Marxists who want to appease and aid them in their joint mission of keeping opposing opinions out of the colleges.


Rutgers Protest

Condoleeza is a remarkable and brilliant woman who, as the Daily Beast wrote, keeps her speeches at colleges non-partisan and optimistic. They called the protest “silly” but it’s far more insidious than that.

Dr. Rice does come too close to the wars in the Middle East for those who would have us go to the opposite extreme and pretend radical Islam is not a threat. They would leave us defenseless in the face of the greatest danger to Western civilization today.

Dr. Rice, as an all-American woman, also represents a traditional, capitalistic America which occupiers and their Marxist leaders are trying to tear down.

Dr. Rice, the former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser under President George W. Bush, was set to receive an Honorary Degree of Laws on May 18 at Rutgers Stadium in Piscataway when the protests by a small minority began.

She is our first Black Woman Secretary of State and only the second woman Secretary of State. She was the first woman to serve as National Security Advisor. She is the former Provost of Stanford University. She is a pianist and accompanied cellist Yo-Yo Ma playing Johannes Brahms’ Violin Sonata in D Minor at Constitution Hall in April 2002 for the National Medal of Arts Awards.

Rice became a Republican as she told the 2000 Republican National Convention because “My father joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did.”

The university panel that chose Dr. Rice to speak to the graduates of Rutgers worked for two years to get her because she is so esteemed. It was considered a coup for a university trying to secure high-profile speakers and whose last most famous speaker was Snooki.

The vetting process was complicated and went through several hands over the two years only to be sunk by a small mob of occupiers and their Marxist professors.

“Whatever your personal feelings or political views about our commencement speaker, there can be no doubt that Condoleezza Rice is one of the most influential intellectual and political figures of the last 50 years,” Barchi wrote in his letter to the campus after the selection was made.

During the protests, Dr. Rice graciously turned down the invitation to speak and receive the honorary law degree, saying, “Commencement should be a time of joyous celebration for the graduates and their families. Rutgers’ invitation to me to speak has become a distraction for the university community at this very special time.”

This end-result is in no small part due to a new philosophy of shared governance which is replacing the free speech and open dialogue that was once prevalent on college campuses, campuses which should be bastions of such freedoms. The campuses no longer are that.

Thought that is divergent from leftist thought is discouraged or forbidden if students hope to get good grades. Students on a number of campuses are relegated to “free speech zones” in a land that is supposed to be one big free speech zone.

The socialist philosophy now insidiously working its way through colleges is disguised under the euphemistic term “shared governance.” Shared governance works in unity with the Obama administration’s beliefs. It’s socialism with a new name and a new happy face.

Aside from the heavy federal funding they receive, Rutgers is tied closely to the administration in a number of ways, including through their School of Law, which holds the National Compliance and Ethics Conference with every major federal agency.

The conferences and their courses at their Center for Government Compliance and Ethics provide instruction and guidance to government agencies on compliance and secularized ethics which is completely reliant on and fosters the need for Big Government for everything.

If there is a lack of compliance in their view, it must mean there needs to be more government agents, stricter adherence to federal procurement rules, more bureaucratic record keeping, and more government training for agents who enforce their regulatory duties.

All government agencies are growing and they are growing together with a smaller and smaller number of people in control of an-ever larger number of compliant workers. These college programs seem to weave that into the tapestry of our culture.

Rutgers believes in a strong adherence to shared governance. The university’s senate, a shared governance body, is a “university-wide representative body that is responsible for establishing minimum standards for admissions, scholarships, and honors. It also provides advice to the president on a broad spectrum of academic and administrative concerns.”

While claiming to support free speech, the senate does the opposite by giving increased power to the hundreds of individual organizations on campus, all faculty, everyone. It allows for tyranny of the minority which is what happened on Rutger’s campus this week. It’s socialist democracy in which every single person has a vote.

The most dangerous word they use is “stakeholders.” It needs to be excised from the English language.  Trying to appease every single stakeholder opens the door to special interests, tyrannical minorities, and inaction.

In order to give every single person a vote, you must not offend anyone, otherwise how can they be part of governing? The principle of shared governance means that everyone must be included, even vendors, janitors, coaches, otherwise, you are excluding someone and might affect them negatively.

The goal is to put the attitudes, values and expectations of all internal and external stakeholders at the center. I can think of no easier way to shut down free expression.

In order to make it work, you need tyrannical bosses. In the case of the Condoleeza Rice debacle, the tyranny was orchestrated by occupiers.

It offended the Republican club on campus but that somehow was acceptable.

The only end result from including everyone and offending no one is paralysis. Using shared governance as a model is the same as representative democracy or socialism.

It’s a lousy management plan.

The professors who objected to Condoleeza Rice included Dr. Rudy Bell and Professor Deepa Kumar. Bell likes to involve himself in lectures on shared governance and Kumar rejoiced over the victory canceling Dr. Rice’s speech and award as a victory over U.S. “imperialism”.

Kumar did her rejoicing over at the Russian propaganda station, Russia Today, where she is a frequent guest.

Kumar is a frequent critic of the U.S. “empire” and has arrested, tried and sentenced Dr. Rice without benefit of a court of law.

She wallowed in hatred of the U.S. on the Russian channel which ironically is a propaganda outlet for a country that is invading a neighboring country and which is actually imperialistic.

Kumar is the author of “Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire,” according to Chuck Hoskinson of the Washington Examiner. Besides being the darling of Russia Today, she fights against the faux Islamophobia problem in the U.S. and is a virulent opponent of the surveillance of Muslims.

She recently appeared with Moustafa Bayoumi who is a supporter of the communist-Islamo-fascist Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

Kumar is anti-U.S. military and recently did a hit piece on the military and Jessica Lynch, a heroine of the Iraq War.

Kumar has criticized the automatic designation of Islamist groups like Hamas as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) noting that it is a political party that has the support of Palestinians because it has taken up “the mantle of national resistance against Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.”

Kumar is anti-Jewish and anti-Christian. She sees the alleged rise of Islamophobia as the result – in part – of Bush’s wars and a Jewish-Christian conspiracy.

Kumar claims that Islamophobia was constructed by the Church and European rulers in the late 11th century because they were bigots. After 9/11, she claims, Islamophobia was hijacked by the Zionist Jews and Christians for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

She claims that more people die from bathtub drownings than from terrorism.

The purpose in the end, she believes, is to fund the imperialistic Americans and the oil and gas industries. Fear of Islam gives them power according to her.

Islam’s enemies – according to her – are a highly-organized enterprise of pro-Israel bloggers, right-wing talk show hosts, evangelical religious leaders, and politicians.

She is frequently on Russia Today and voiced her vehement opposition to NYPD surveillance of Muslims.

Islam has a presence on Rutger’s campus through the Islamic Association, the Muslim Student Association, and the Muslim Alumni Association, among others.

Muslim groups, their lawyers, and their leftist comrades continually bully universities and organizations into canceling talks, lectures and so on.

Extremists and radical minority groups are whipping the majority into shape and we have no one to blame but ourselves if we remain silent and apathetic.

 h/t Gerald Evans