Shari’ah Coming to A Town Near You


Oh no, no, no, no, no way. No Shari’ah Law. No Collectivism of any kind. If they want to practice Shari’ah, they need to go home. They must abide by our Constitution and our laws.

Pro-Shariah Group Launches Disinformation Campaign

The Islamic Circle of North America has launched a $3 million campaign to convince Americans that Shariah, the legal code of Islam, is no threat. ICNA is not exactly the best salesman.

The New York-based group, which was founded in 1968 by leaders of the Pakistani branch of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, is promoting Shariah law in a “25-city education tour” that features billboards, radio and TV ads, town hall forums and campus interfaith events.

“The plan is to clear up common misconceptions about Shariah and the Islamic faith,” ICNA says. It’s responding to legislative efforts to ban judges from recognizing Shariah law in Kansas, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arizona and South Dakota.

“Muslim-Americans are asking for the same fundamental rights to observe Shariah” as other faiths enjoy observing their tenets, ICNA asserts…Investors