Shariah Coming to the Netherlands

Shariah in the Netherlands

I have ancestors who came from E. Friesland so whenever anything happens in the Netherlands, I’m interested. I have a hard time thinking of it as a country with Islamists assuming power in their government. Seems like quite an anomoly.

Pravda is reporting that the Islamic organization can now participate in elections. Muslim Netherlands is the opposite of the freedom-loving, libertarian-like Dutch I am used to hearing about.

This possibility is further dividing the right in their country.

The threshold of getting into the Dutch Parliament is 5% and Muslims are only 6% at this time, but their birth rate is high. One can see where this is going.

What do the Islamists want? Interestingly, they want some of the same things as those on the right – stop the open sale of marijuana, gay marriage and “red light” neighborhoods. The points of agreement end in Shariah Law of course.

As an aside, when I was in Amsterdam, I did find the sale of marijuana so pervasive, I wondered how the people had their senses about them enough to do much beyond pot smoking. They smoke it like we down a cup of coffee and age doesn’t matter – the kids are doing it. Then there is the “red light” district. It’s fascinating but I found it denigrating to participants and observers alike. I saw no value in it, but that’s me.

The Islamists want to fight against abortion (I’m with them on that one), homosexuality (they lose me there), abuse of religion and religious texts and all kinds of discrimination (lost me again).

Here’s the kicker – they want the main authority in the Netherlands to be Shura (Islamic Council). Yep, they lost me again. Read here: Pravda, English