Sharpton Can’t Give the Eulogy for Officer Holder Because Holder ‘Detested’ Sharpton

Mary Mohammed with Officer Holder
Mary Muhammad with Officer Holder

Apparently cop basher Al Sharpton contacted the family of murdered officer Randolph Holder and asked if he could attend his funeral. An announcement came soon after that he would be giving the eulogy. Mind you he doesn’t even know the officer.

Mary Muhammad, fiancé of the late Officer Randolph Holder, was stunned to hear that the Rev. Al Sharpton was asked to speak at his funeral — because the policeman detested the anti-cop preacher, she told The Post on Monday.

“He didn’t like [Sharpton]. He wasn’t a fan. So I don’t know why [Sharpton] is speaking,’’ Mary Muhammad said.


Sharpton claims that he met with Holder’s father and that the dad asked him to speak at Wednesday’s service.

On Saturday, Sharpton made a condolence call at the elder Holder’s home in Far Rockaway and tweeted a photo of himself with Holder and other family members. He’s never one to miss a photo-op.

“[Sharpton] was asked by Officer Holder’s father, and he’s expected to speak,” a Sharpton rep said Monday.

But law-enforcement sources said Holder’s dad, Randolph Sr., called the NYPD on Monday morning — after news of Sharpton’s supposed invite broke — to tell them he invited the preacher only to attend the funeral, not to address mourners.

The sources added that Sharpton would not be speaking at the service.

Sharpton dodged questions from The Post on Monday afternoon, saying, “An invitation was extended. And I’m not addressing it ’til Wednesday.

Michael Palladino, president of the Detectives’ Endowment Association, said Sharpton’s scheduled appearance at Officer Randolph Holder’s funeral Wednesday shows the “longtime police basher” understands “the anti-police rhetoric has gone too far, endangering not only cops but the general public as well.”

Sharpton, who visited the White House on Monday, declined to comment. He is one of Obama’s advisors. That’s how crazy this administration is.



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