Shep Smith Melts Down Over Shutdown, Lies About It


Shep Smith melted down on his show over the shutdown-to-be and he was completely dishonest about it.

“The president’s speaking Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. Allegheny county,” Shep began.

“There’s a House race coming up in March. The Republicans have owned that seat for like 16 years. There’s some question when this new sort of turn around thing going on about whether they can hold it,” he said with his usual anti-Trump slant.

“So, the president is there unofficially campaigning for a Republican candidate while back in Washington there’s one discussion: Government shut down,” he went on.“Of course, with one party in charge of everything, a government shut down will not happen, right?” he asked, not expecting an answer.

“I mean, never in the history of — at least modern history of the country has there been a government shut down when a single party is in charge of Washington,” he said dishonestly.

“Hook, line and sinker. House, Senate, one party in charge. Republicans have it all,” he added.

That is a lie by omission.

Shep Smith suggested the shutdown was the GOP’s fault, forgetting to mention the Senate needs 60 votes to pass the spending bill and there are only 51 Republicans. They need Democrats.

There are also up to 3.6 million DREAMers and they are still coming into the country through catch and release.

The deal offered and demanded by Democrats was everything they wanted and nothing the President had on his wish list.

DACA also has nothing to do with funding the government.


  1. Everyone I talk to cannot stand Shep Smith and sees him as a wolfette in sheep’s clothing. This guy cannot say anything without coming off as sarcastic and cynical and unbelievable. Everytime he comes on we turn off the TV. We cannot even stand to hear his voice, and wonder who is protecting him from being removed from the network

    • I too switch channels at 3:00 PM. American Pickers is only one channel up on my cable.

      Shep Smith is the token liberal turd on Fox News. He is kept there in order to support the claim of being fair and balanced.

      Shep should stay at home and give his husband some good head.

  2. Same, stopped watching over a year ago. Went on many tirades about Trump Russia collusion. Don’t expect him to apologize any time soon for being wrong.

  3. Shemp Smith. Think the 4th Stooge, who was a disappointment replacing the very popular Curley. Check into Smith’s personal history. Not pretty.

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