Sheriff Arpaio: The Feds Opened the Borders to Force Amnesty Through


sacrifices to Obama's EO's

Sacrificial lambs?

Governor Perry is going to spend over $1 million a week to send Texas police to the border to help secure the border. He said the federal government is either incredibly inept or this is deliberate.

Sheriff Arpaio, who is being sued by the federal government yet again, has a stronger opinion.

He said unequivocally that the feds are doing this deliberately. He said it’s a game the feds are playing to get controversy so “he can get his executive orders.” “It’s amnesty, a DREAM Act, it’s a game they’re playing,” Arpaio said.


What is really going on at the border is criminals are getting in with the women and children coming across – thousands a day.

The liberals want us to “invest” in our neighbors. That is a laudable goal if we didn’t have a 50% unemployment rate among black youth in this country to whom we owe much more. That would be laudable if we didn’t have 10% unemployment among Latinos currently in the United States. It would be fine if we didn’t have 11 million on disability and only 63.2 percent of working-age Americans in the workforce. It would be okay if we weren’t letting veterans die waiting for help at the VA.

I sympathize with the illegals coming in but we must have borders and we must take care of our own, for whom we are currently not doing a very good job.

Invest in citizens and residents!

Listen to Chris Cabrera, National Border Patrol VP and the liberal at the end:

Read more about the feds doing this deliberately on this link.