Sheriff Can’t Get Names of 2,000 Illegals Released from Prison by ICE

Janet Napolitano, protecting our country
Janet Napolitano, protecting our country

Last week, Pinelas Country Sheriff Paul Babeau was told 303 illegals were released.

Since then, he has found that over 2,000 were released and some were in prison for criminal charges, ostensibly non-violent crimes. Babeau contacted ICE and asked for the names of the illegals released into his county. ICE would not release the names.

From his Facebook page:

…new information about the mass prison release of 2,000 criminal illegals across America. Several whistle blowers, who currently serve as federal agents and supervisors and were directly involved in releasing these criminal illegals have appealed to me in an attempt to thwart ICE’s plans to release more than 5,000 criminals into the streets. Our initial statements alerting the public to this situation sparked a public outcry, which halted ICE’s further plans to release an additional 3,000 criminals. ICE initially denied the allegations about a mass criminal prison release, then later admitted to a couple hundred and days later acknowledged that 303 were released from four facilities in Pinal County, Arizona. We later confirmed that ICE had concealed information and there were more than 2,000 criminals released, yet they continued to maintain they only released “low risk and non-violent offenders.”

He has sent a letter to Congress asking for their intervention. He can’t protect the residents if he doesn’t know who these 2,000 illegals are.

Maybe he should join the ICE lawsuit against Napolitano. They don’t feel they can do their job either. Napolitano plans to release a total of 10,000 illegals and blame it on Sequester even though she did this prior to Sequester being signed and has since been offered funds to house them.