Sheriff Clarke Makes a Very Surprising Recommendation to Trump


Sheriff Clarke spelled out for Sean Hannity last night who these people are who are trying to shut down Donald Trump and he has a very surprising solution on how to deal with it – Ramp It Up. He rejects the notion that he should be ramping down.

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Charles Paidock, a member of the Chicago Socialist Party, was one of the agitator’s at Trump’s Chicago rally. He was invited to debate Sheriff Clarke on Hannity’s show last night.

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When Hannity asked Paidock about the crowds denying Trump the right to speak, he replied, “I’m surprised that your Republican National Committee and the other candidates for president haven’t acted in this regard and it’s up to the citizens to put an end to this inflammatory hate speech.”

Just a footnote, when the ‘protesters’ were interviewed they said free speech isn’t hate speech. They altered the First Amendment.

The hate speech isn’t coming from Trump first of all, but secondly, hate speech is free speech. That’s the speech the First Amendment does protect.

Hannity gave examples of actual hate speech from the left but he should have shown him these clips.


Paidock is a strange guy and one wonders if that isn’t a prerequisite to be a socialist party leader.

Sheriff Clarke spoke in human terms as opposed to Paidock, “Everything is ass-backwards in the country right now. We’re looking at rioting and we’re calling that protesting. The cops are the bad guys; the crooks are the victims now. Everything that’s said when one wants to express themselves has to be put through an approval meter.”

This is a stealth totalitarian movement, Clarke said.

“This is a totalitarian movement,” says Clarke. “It’s very stealth, okay? I know who these people are, I’ve seen it, this is a conglomeration of misfits. You have cop-haters, you have anarchists, you have criminals, you have some rowdy juveniles, you have organized labor and there is a spattering of some well-intentioned people who are being exploited in this. And they’re the ones pushed out front and they’re the ones pushed in front of the camera as they do their dirty work.”

“This was an attempt and this is an attempt to shut down free speech,” he said. “These presidential activities are part of our democratic process. The people who showed up in Chicago had every right under the Constitution to participate in this election process and they were denied.”

He would have handled things differently.

“Let’s be honest, Sean, these folks aren’t showing up to protest.” They take their examples from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Clarke said the Chicago Police should have done everything they could have done to make sure the event went on, starting with large scale arrests and getting the disrupters out so that the event could continue.

The ‘protesters’ are a threat to our rule of law, Clarke continued.

Clarke responded, “Sean, this is a totalitarian movement, you know it, I know it, they have been unmasked. They know that to control the narrative you have to control the language. They know that Trump is a threat now to their moving in and disrupting our ordered liberty here in the United States, our rule under law, or the rule of law. And Trump and some of the other Republican candidates are a threat to that.”

He called it out for what it was. “This wasn’t an attempt to engage in peaceful protest. I’m tired of couching it in those terms. This is not peaceful protest, alright? This is chaos, this is disorder, this is a disturbance, alright? And it’s getting in other people’s face.”

He thinks people who tell Trump to ramp it down are “nuts.”

Clarke rejects the idea of Trump amping it down. “I heard that Donald Trump should ramp it down a little bit? I thought, ‘Are you nuts?’ I’ve been in elections. What you want to do with your base, responsibly, and I think he is, is you want them at a fever pitch. You want them energized to get out and vote for you.”


We are up against some very, very bad people who are threatening our way of life. People need to understand what is really going on. These people, including their minions – the Democratic candidates – are an existential threat to our way of life.

Rebel Pundit filmed the Chicago protesters and found: the Revolutionary Communist Party USA figures, domestic terrorist and Obama-mentor Bill Ayers, faculty from the University of Illinois-Chicago, anarchists, and other professional radical organizers inside and outside the Trump Chicago rally.

The protest itself was violent and hate-filled, organized with mass-produced posters and t-shirts for attendees, designed not to voice a counter opinion but to intimidate, mock, belittle, and shut down the ability of rally attendees to hear a presidential candidate, the Rebel Pundit reported.

Terrorist Bill Ayers comments in the video that the “protest” action was “driven by a Fire from Below.” A young woman says “time to pick up the gun, the revolution has come.”

We are all ignoring the violent leftists destroying our culture.

Be forewarned, the language from the left is graphic and vulgar. This is what was going on outside the Trump rally. How do you blame Trump for this?