Sheriff Clarke Shoots It Out With BlackLivesMatter Supporter

Rev.Com stands for Revolutionary Communist Party
Rev.Com stands for Revolutionary Communist Party

Sheriff Clarke deserves appreciation for his courage, not only as an officer of the law, but for speaking honestly and with conviction despite the attacks on his character. If only we had more people like this, especially in Congress.

Black Lives Matter is a Soros-funded Marxist-Leninist group that has been used to further Barack Obama’s suggestions that the U.S. criminal justice system is systemically racist and that the country is racist. It’s what the far-left believes.

BlackLivesMatter was originally called HandsUp,Don’tShoot and was built on the lie that Michael Brown was killed without cause by a racist white police officer. For that reason, Sheriff Clarke calls them BlackLIESMatter.

They held hate “protests” against police this past weekend, even in New York City, within days of a New York City police officer’s murder.

Quentin in Bryant Park

Quentin Tarantino and his fellow leftists, Cornel West and Carl Dix, behaved in a vicious manner towards police. Tarantino called police “murderers.” It was so bad that the President of the Police Benevolent Association asked people to boycott Tarantino movies.

Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff Clarke was asked about it on “Hannity”:

“There is no way to understand this nonsense. First of all, Sean, the claims made by Tarantino, he’s a limousine liberal, he’s a one percenter, and the claim made by president Obama that this is not based on emotion, it’s real, it’s just plain wrong. These claims are based on fiction.”

“Once you strip away the myths, the lie, the propaganda, all that remains are the facts. Lies put out and repeated over and over again by the president of the United States are not a substitute for empirical research.

Sheriff Clarke quoted the stats we’ve already heard. Ninety-three percent of crimes against blacks are by other blacks and less than one-tenth of one percent (0.04%) of the perpetrators of any type of black victim homicide are police officers.

A recent Harvard study he quoted showed that “you get no pattern of any racism by the American police officer. “Show me the study that supports that lie,” he said.

“The president of the United States lacks the courage to look at the black community and tell them to look in the mirror as the source of their problems,” Clarke said.

Clarke reminded the audience that most of those the police come into contact with are engaged in criminal behavior, with their black involvement in criminal behavior being “off the charts” in comparison to other ethnic groups.


A BlackLivesMatter supporter, lawyer and blogger Eric Guster was on the show to present the case for BlackLivesMatter and he tried to spew talking points. When Hannity wouldn’t allow the spin, he yelled, interrupted, and sounded a little mad, especially when he called them liars.

After the show, he tweeted, “#BLM is not a movement against police but a movement against police brutality. Big difference.” He also tweeted that BlackLivesMatter is getting a bad rap.

The movement is a fraudulent movement based on Marxist ideology. They hate police and they like to cast blame where it doesn’t belong.

Guster was angry he didn’t get to have his say but how do you let a guest refuse to answer questions and attack another guest? Guster is another leftist who likes to pretend he’s a liberal. His Twitter followers called Clarke names such as “puppet.” Anyone who thinks this man is a “puppet” is truly confused.

That’s the world we live in now. Everything is the reverse of reality. When I attended the communist conference, Left Forum, one of books they had on display was about Ronald Reagan. It describes him as a traitorous enemy of the state. Traditional Americans were depicted as trying to take down the government. It’s the opposite of what’s happening.

The same is true of this. The big problems in black communities are broken families, drugs,and  gangs. These communities were run into the ground by the leftists who see the world as it isn’t. They took these wonderful religious people and destroyed their communities with leftist ideology. They tell them they didn’t have a chance. They are all just victims of the system. There is no doubt they have a tougher time but they absolutely can succeed but not if they believe the lies and are made into angry or despairing victims by leftists.

Black lives do matter and their survival matters which is why we need to start telling the truth. Leftist ideology is destroying them. Anyone who attempts to speak honestly will have their character impugned. There is no dissent with leftists. They are totalitarians.