Sheriff Clarke Warns of Oligarchical Rule and Talks of Revolution


Sheriff Clarke

Leftists want a “living Constitution”, one that is flexible, one that allows changes to be made without a Constitutional Amendment process. As long as the decision is in their favor, then a handful of Oligarchs, lawyers who think they know what’s best for the people, can make the decisions.

As some liberal websites are saying, Justice Kennedy condoned the idea of a “living” Constitution with his decisions last week because they changed the Constitution without a process. They didn’t amend law. In three recent cases, they wrote the law.

Oligarchical Collectivism is theorized in George Orwell’s 1984. It explains the political philosophy of totalitarianism through story telling. In the fictional Oceania, people who don’t abide by the will of the collective ruled by Big Brother are tortured, re-educated or executed for their political insanity.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, in an interview with World Net Daily, told their reporter Leo Hohman, that if the Supreme Court can force people to buy health care from a private business, there is nothing it can’t do.

He is very concerned about the way the same-sex marriage decision came down.

“The thing that bothers me the most in this decision, though, is the way the court acted as essentially five oligarchs,” he told WND. “If we wanted to change the U.S. Constitution, there is a process for that, and there was a robust debate going on in all states, where some states elected to change the definition of marriage, others had not, and these five decided to act like legislators. And my concern is, it takes away from the legislative authority of Congress. And if they can do it with gay marriage, they can do it with anything.”

The problem with the same-sex marriage ruling is the way it was done. It was done unconstitutionally to achieve what most believe should happen. In the end, we were ill-served. Our Constitution is our rule of law. Without it, we have anarchy.

The Obamacare decision was not much better, he said.

“You had one justice, Roberts, go along with the five other oligarchs and change the way people get their health care in the United States and make them buy a product,” he said.

Roberts actually said the words didn’t say what they said. He defined “state” to mean any government, including the federal government.

Sheriff Clarke suggested that Conservatives might need a revolution to change the course of events.

He said our Constitution is being “obliterated” and “our democratic way of life is being transformed into a socialist agenda, and I don’t know what it’s going to take short of a Lexington-Concord type moment,” Clarke said.

“We had a Civil War. We see a great divide forming again. That’s a part of the landscape that has come from Obama; he’s an Alinskyite, and he knows you have to create a critical mass. So they’ve created all this division, stirring up racial animosity in our cities, rich against poor in the Occupy movement, and now it’s this religious divide. That’s why I keep telling people gay marriage is not the issue; you’re missing it. You have to peel back the layers and look at this transformation. It happens subtly right before your eyes, and you’ll miss it.”

Back in January, Sheriff Clarke warned of a revolution if the government attempted to seize guns. He also said he wouldn’t comply if ordered via Executive Order.

“The problem with the way they decided is they did not end the issue. They now opened up the question of how do we protect the free exercise of religion? What are churches going to do? What are businesses going to do? And that’s usually what happens in life when you take shortcuts. You just open up other avenues of contention,” Clarke said. “I’m concerned, because it just became murkier to me. It didn’t clear anything up.”

Sheriff Clarke is stating the obvious – the people should have made the decisions.

He said that people have to decide how they are going to respond. “That’s going to be for individuals to determine on their own. I believe the Constitution is about individual liberties, not group liberties.”

The Constitution is being used to turn our country into a collective where the Hegelian president gets to take away our individual liberties.

He said that in accordance with Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals he is destroying “faith or religion” because it does not conform to what they believe.

He also talked about the incrementalism used to make people come around. It’s an offshoot of Cass Sunstein’s “nudge” theory.

“It’s like anything else in life: If you do something you’ve never done before that violates your sense of right and wrong, at first it’s difficult, but over time it gets easier and easier. That’s the overriding strategy of the radicals as they seek to transform our society,” Clarke said. “I read Alinsky’s book about 10 years ago, and you can see what this whole process is about.”

“After a big decision like this, people scream and holler, ‘This is bad for the country,’ and then we just acquiesce,” Clarke said. “I believe one of these decisions might just be a catalyst to not just say we don’t like it but to actually do something, to defy this stuff.

“And that’s what churches are supposed to do is resist. And if the court comes back and says you don’t have a right to exercise your religion, then they’re going to have to decide what to do next. … But who would have thought that in the 21 century homosexuality would come out of the closet and churches would be forced to go into the closet?”

Speaking of churches, most have remained silent except for some like the Episcopalians who said they will perform same-sex marriages.

He pointed out that Obama now says we have the freedom to “worship” not “religion” which is a not-so-subtle change to our Constitution.

The Daily Signal pointed out that Barack Obama has consistently used the phrase “freedom of worship” in lieu of “freedom of religion”.

The administration has done something similar to the Second Amendment. On the White House website, it’s defined : “The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms”. The Second Amendment actually says, “… the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Words matter!

We can’t just survive, Sheriff Clarke says. “If we don’t resist, we can see what is happening right before our eyes.”

Interview Via World Net Daily


  1. Sheriff, Clarke, you are exactly right,.for two years I have in my humble way, I have been trying to get across, to the people, who and what obama,.is up to, his, lies and deception,.all to destroy this nation, to a point, there is no fight left, and Islam to be excepted. Sheriff there is more to obama, than his desire for islam, in America, You may disagree,. but , as the times are so changing, getting more evil, everyday, no one can convence me, that obama, isn’t let by the father of lies, and he, obama, is possessed, I mean in a major way. how else could he have accomplished, his diabolical, agenda, fool so msny,


  2. Sheriff Clarke you should run for president !!!! Seriously I totally agree with your statements and Americans need to come together and fight for our country. Don’t let this president and the courts take away our rights

  3. I am so confused. what can you do to to a lawless supreme court The gutless senate and house of representative let the president get away with destroying the rule of law(constitution) all the time. They are so gutless it’s disgusting. Thank you sir for being a beacon of light in a dismal situation.

  4. Saying that we have the right to worship is incredibly troubling and I’m not a religious person. It tells me that we’ll all be free to worship what will ultimately become the official religion of the US and I WILL NOT EVER BE MUSLIM!

  5. They want to assimilate us like the Borg off of Star Trek. They want everyone to be part of the collective working as mindless drones with no individuality.

  6. So why is this guy a Democrat?
    If he is so bold and brave as he sets up his national political career on Fox, Why is he still affiliated with the party of slavery and the KKK and the destruction of America?

    • He doesn’t belong to any political party but has been elected on the Democratic ticket. He says a sheriff should have no Democratic or Republican way.

  7. The Sheriff is so right. Words do mean something. As a retired LEO and a minister the way to either solve , provoke, promote in flame, calm etc. is by your words.
    This started a long time ago when liberals(progressive thinkers) took control of our schools. When home rule was lost in “community standards” the one size fits all became our silent killer as to individualism. The people running the show today were educated in political correctness way back in the 60’s& 70’s and forward until today. Why does everyone get a trophy in kids sports? So no one feels bad about him or her self. Indoctrination is now what has produced a lack of honor pride etc. in the pure law of self achievement. PC has totally changed individuals thoughts from what can I do to succeed to how will everyone else feel when I achieve my best. WORDS MY FRIENDS ARE POWERFUL. They control motivate, admonish, explain, inspire and most of all dumb down the individual and force them to COMPLY. Look at GERMANY. Anyone remember Adolph Hitler.

    In closing the generations before us knew and appreciated individuals and the principals of freedom.
    They defeated the most diabolical system in the world at the time.
    But remember this “the devil always overplays his hand”. Be Blessed and know if you support Sheriff Clarke you are thinking right.

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