SHOCKING DETAILS of Refugee Contractor Reports

Tennessee refugees

Leftists are ruining the country. They’ve transformed college from a step up to an albatross around everyone’s neck, they’ve redistributed our wealth and made no difference in poverty, they kill high paying jobs and replace them with low paying jobs, foreigners get all the new jobs thanks to them, they’ve grown government into a corrupt massive bureaucracy of unelected pencil pushers who dictate to us and now they are importing poverty to make us into a Third World country.

Refugees are coming in but we don’t know where they are going, who they are and how many there are. On Long Island, New York, Catholic Charities is “welcoming” them with funding from tax dollars and on their Nassau County Archdiocese website they say they have 9,000 active cases.

They provide “adjustments of immigration status, family reunification, work authorizations, political asylum, visa extensions, and citizenship applications. They also offer legal assistance to victims of human trafficking and immigrant victims of various crimes including domestic violence.”

“Family members of alien children who are in a shelter or were released from one are offered free legal information about the immigration court process. This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, EOIR, and the VERA Institute of Justice.”

In one year, one town and one school district received about 1500 unaccompanied minors.

Judicial Watch has sued for Obama administration refugee documents. Contractors, mostly religious organizations like Catholic Charities, know in advance but they keep the information confidential.

One might get an idea of what is going on however from what people do know.

The Refugee Act of 1980 was never meant to import more poverty to America and that was clearly stated to Congress at the time but now it’s the purpose of the refugee program.

Excerpts from resettlement plans:

Episcopal Migration Ministries (doing business as Bridge Refugee Services)

  • “The agency’s partnerships with Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise and Chattanooga Housing Authority ensure that approximately 50% of clients are resettled into subsidized housing at a rental rate of $50 per month.”
  • “Two of the complexes are public housing units operated by Knoxville Community Development Corporation, which feature spacious units, on-site property management and very affordable monthly rents.”
  • “The Bridge sub-office coordinator regularly participates in Chamber of Commerce meetings to learn about new employers or hiring opportunities.
  • “Refugee household income after the R&P [Reception & Placement] period usually includes MG [federal Match Grant] assistance, RCA [federal refugee cash assistance], TANF [state cash welfare], food stamps, SSI and additional programs as needed.”

World Relief

  • “The Nashville area offers numerous services through other non-profit organizations to refugees with critical and emergency needs. Refugees can visit the Nashville Rescue Mission for shelter [a homeless organization], food and safety, as well as Room in the Inn [a homeless organization] which provides working men with a hot meal and a place to sleep during the winter months.  There are several shelters for abused women in the area where refugee women and children can find safety if necessary.  Rooftop Ministries provides one-time assistance with rent payments: Wherry Housing Complex in Rutherford County houses refugees and others recovering from alcohol and substance abuse and has a Community Servants program to meet refugee needs.”

[So, the federal contractor gets paid to bring the refugees to Tennessee and then refers them to homeless, substance abuse and domestic violence shelters!]

Church World Service

  • “Several strong partnerships exist between Bridge and employers and they often come to Bridge first when hiring.”
  • “Employers in Knoxville are beginning to feel the effect of the economic downturn but are committed to hiring refugees.”

ECDC (doing business as the Nashville International Center for Empowerment)

  • “NICE has relationships with local businesses that hire refugees, and since NICE is 60% operated by former refugees who have work relationships with local businesses, and lucrative partnerships are easily established and maintained.”
  • “Refugees also qualify for and can access subsidized public housing.”
  • “In Nashville there are many social service agencies to which NICE refers refugees for services including rent utility and food.”

USCCB (doing business as Catholic Charities of Tennessee)

  • “Memphis’ outmigration for FY07 was reported at 43% but nearly all of these clients (21 people) were a part of Somali cases. These cases relocated to Minnesota which has a larger ethnic community, ….and more welfare state subsidized housing.”
  • “The DHS worker responsible for enrolling refugees for food stamps and TennCare [Medicaid] health coverage meets with our Self-Sufficiency Coordinator every Tuesday morning and routinely discusses the number of arrivals we are expecting.”
  • “On June 14, 2010 CC [Catholic Charities] and the SRC discussed the agency’s resettlement program and approved that we can resettle 240 refugees in FY2011…”

[So does this mean that State Refugee Coordinators can also “not approve” proposed resettlement numbers?  Maybe Texas and other non-Wilson Fish states ought to try that route!]

  • “Our relationships with employers are extremely strong and we now find ourselves in the position of being called upon when they have openings, rather than us having to seek them out.”

“The Sheriff’s Department provides inmates and a truck to assist us in moving furniture and setting up apartments twice per week.”

If you would like to get started on your own Freedom of Information Act requests, here are some sample letters.  If you are looking for the planning documents discussed above, be sure to ask for those for FY2016 (in addition to previous years) and you might ask for all planning documents “including but not limited to the R & P Abstracts” for ____state.

You should also know that the Minnesota DFL caucus, reporters couldn’t cover it because the candidates only spoke Somali.




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