Shocking GOP Surrender Over the Debt Ceiling Is Imminent



The Senate Republicans are reportedly near a deal which amounts to a complete surrender to Mr. Obama’s demands. The only thing Reid will give the GOP is a barely negligible adjustment to Obamacare. The proposal would fund the government until Jan. 15 and extend the debt limit until Feb. 7. The biggest problem with this is that the Jan. 15th date passes the term limit of Sequester; Sequester, the only real cuts made to Obama’s profligate budget, will automatically be gone, and Mr. Obama will have a lot more money to waste.

In addition, unions will get a special carve out.

Forget the alleged cut to the deficit Mr. Obama supposedly made. He will have $1.1 trillion to spend.

Politico describes the Republican ‘win’ as so negligible that it is insignificant.

This isn’t a kick the can down the road situation, it is giving Mr. Obama more than he had to begin with.

Mr. Obama will have a clean bill and the end of Sequester. He will again have $1.1 trillion to spend this year. In other words, Republicans in the Senate surrendered and have no interest in capping Obama’s wild spree that will eventually bring us to our knees.

The president is achieving another coup according to The Hill. Labor unions are poised to score the delay of an ObamaCare tax in the bipartisan budget deal emerging in the Senate. The rest of us will not. We will be forced to buy health insurance from a site that doesn’t work with the strong possibility of untrustworthy IRS agents and navigators handling our data.

That tax will morph into a permanent exemption. That is why the union leaders never complained again after their meeting with the president. The entire burden of Obamacare will be on hard working private sector workers.

The Obamacare navigators, who get all your personal information and who are paid up to $48 an hour, are not subject to even adequate scrutiny in hiring. One woman in Kansas, Roselyn Wells, has a warrant out for her arrest.  

Not only do they get more than double that of private sector workers, they can get the jobs if they are criminals. With this type of potentially criminal navigator handling our personal data, innocent Americans are subject to serious potential for voter fraud.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, an alleged Republican, said he has been engaged in talks with his good friend Harry Reid and they will hopefully soon reach a deal. He has called Mike Lee and Ted Cruz ‘traitors’ but regards Reid as a ‘friend.’

Did Reid know all along that McConnell was on board?

The deal will be sent to the House at the last possible moment before a complete government shutdown. The House will either give in or risk infuriating  America. Mr. Obama will make any government shutdown extremely painful to the people as any leader in a Banana Republic would do.

The Senate is like the House of Lords. They are the kings, or in this case, Mr. Obama’s people, apparently that includes the Republicans. The House is the peoples’ body and we had better hope they hold out. The Senate Republicans, who are supposed to also be for the people, are capitulating to the monied interests on Wall Street who want an end to the shutdown – the 17% of government shutdown.

MSNBC reports gleefully that some states are going to consider ex-felons for all government jobs. The liberal states want to make employers remove questions about criminal history from job applications, postponing such queries until a later stage of the hiring process–an initiative widely known as “Ban the Box.” If the ex-felons are then not hired, they will undoubtedly be able to complain to the EEOC.

We can look forward to more ex-felons handling our private information.

In a deal that is described as kicking the can, Republicans get nothing and Mr. Obama gets everything he wanted and more. Worse yet, Republicans now bear the burden of shutting down the government for no good reason at all.

I ask you, who is the traitor? Is it Cruz and Lee as McConnell says or is it McConnell and his good friend Harry Reid who care nothing about the price we innocent Americans will have to pay?

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