Shocking Grand Jury Subpoena by Mueller Fishing Expedition Team


The following information comes via Jonathan Swan of Axios and it’s unbelievable really. Robert Mueller and his left-wing team will be able to understand every aspect of how the Trump campaign functioned and won from start to finish. This is just in time for the next election. The left will have the goods on the Trump team, one way or the other.

Axios has reviewed a Grand Jury subpoena that Robert Mueller’s team sent to a witness last month.

What Mueller is asking for:

Mueller is subpoenaing all communications — meaning emails, texts, handwritten notes, etc. — that this witness sent and received regarding the following people:

  1. Carter Page
  2. Corey Lewandowski
  3. Donald J. Trump
  4. Hope Hicks
  5. Keith Schiller
  6. Michael Cohen
  7. Paul Manafort
  8. Rick Gates
  9. Roger Stone
  10. Steve Bannon

The subpoena asks for all communications from November 1, 2015, to the present. Notably, Trump announced his campaign for president five months earlier — on June 16, 2015.

This needs to be shut down.

There is no reason for an investigation.


  1. Given that Mueller wants ALL communications after five months of the announcement, what I wrote earlier is even More pertinent. Mueller should be CONFRONTED on this.

    And Mueller will be his campaign manager. At this moment Mueller is working “undercover” as the primary opposition researcher in Chief. He was give full access by the Trump campaign on everything including the Data Analytics, communications within the campaign, and all the players involved no matter how remote. This is a treasure trove for any opposing campaign. This is why it is 1000X worse than Watergate. In that case it was a single office bugging without any result. In THIS case it is the COMPLETION, because of full access to EVERYTHING.

    Every Democrat is probably salivating at what they will be getting. It will not be the report that is important but the “knowledge” gained by the Operatives working IN the investigation. They will have information on “how” the campaign operated, in detail. That information is priceless in a campaign. It will be a big mistake if the Republicans think they have dodged a bullet if Mueller returns nothing adverse to Trump. Those on Mueller’s team must be looked at in this context.

    • Such an information seizure seems like exactly the type of thing Hillary would do. And so do all the acts of the Mueller team. Mueller’s participation in the uranium sale to Russia made him a completely compromised person.

  2. This situation would easily be resolved if the party leaders would cooperate with Trump and allow the removal of Sessions/Rosenstein. The corruption of those leaders is clear given their complete lack of criticism of the Mueller operation. The clock is ticking, while Mueller gets ready to indict Trump. Sessions provides the key delay to allow that. If indictment occurs then Ryan and many others will be vocal against Trump. All Mueller wants is some sham indictment that will not get thrown out immediately by a judge.

  3. This is getting really stupid and desperate! Fire his a$$ and forget the stinking fallout! ENOUGH! Mueller should have recused himself, he is in the thick of all things Hillary and Obama!

  4. Republicans, including Nunes, talk about everything the prior administration had done and the FISA abuses yet proclaim Mueller needs to do his job. What the damn hell is the matter with them. There is one person, Sam Nunberg, who will have None of it.

    In an interview with The Washington Post, Nunberg said he was asked to come to Washington to appear before the grand jury on Friday. He also provided a copy of what appears to be his two-page grand jury subpoena seeking documents related to President Trump and nine other people, including emails, correspondence, invoices, telephone logs, calendars and “records of any kind.”

    It’s about time that Congress haul Rosenstein before every committee and grill him on what the hell is going on. It’s already obvious Rosenstein violated the law in the specifications naming Mueller. Mueller is looking more and more like HE is working on a cover-up.

    • Nunberg is saying, without evidence, that he thinks Trump knew about the Donald Jr Tower meeting and probably did something. He’s a complete jerk. We have few fighting on our side.

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