Shocking Interview Exposes Administration’s Lies on Benghazi


Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had to know that the attack on the Benghazi consulate was a terror attack according to new eyewitness testimony. They also had time to rescue the people in Benghazi but the rescue teams were never deployed.

The terrorists who attacked the consulate and CIA safe house in Benghazi on 9/11/12 took cell phones from State Department personnel during the attacks. U.S. spy agencies listened to their communications during the attack.

The administration knew from the very beginning that this was a terror attack not a video protest.

Additionally, there was time to save the men in Benghazi if help had been allowed to be deployed.

Eric Stahl, a retired Air Force major, with first-hand knowledge of the situation on the ground, was interviewed by Bret Baier, of Special Report, Fox News and he provided the information about the cell phones.

A confidential U.S. official confirmed Stahl’s claims. He personally read the intelligence reports that night that contained references to calls by terrorists using State Dept. cell phones to their terror leaders during the battle. This intelligence was received in real time.

Stahl said that when he deposited the traumatized passengers at Ramstein, the first individual to question the CIA security officers was not an FBI officer but the senior State Department diplomat on the ground.

“They were taken away from the airplane,” Stahl said. “The U.S. ambassador to Germany [Philip D. Murphy] met us when we landed and he took them away because he wanted to debrief them that night.”

Fox News reported that “Stahl also contended that given his crew’s alert status and location, they could have reached Benghazi in time to have played a role in rescuing the victims of the assault, and ferrying them to safety in Germany, had they been asked to do so. “We were on a 45-day deployment to Ramstein air base,” he told Fox News. “And we were there basically to pick up priority missions, last-minute missions that needed to be accomplished.”

“You would’ve thought that we would have had a little bit more of an alert posture on 9/11,” Stahl added. “A hurried-up timeline probably would take us [an] hour-and-a-half to get off the ground and three hours and fifteen minutes to get down there. So we could’ve gone down there and gotten them easily.”

This is the ad Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama made to be played in Pakistan. It caused riots in Pakistan:

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama knew from day one that the attacks were terror attacks. They continued to lie to the American people and to the victims’ families, and even put the videographer in jail. They also lied to the world.

They knew when they made this ad that there was no video protest.

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