Shocking Lawlessness Of The Obama-Led Invasion On Our Border


Our president has been violating immigration law and rewriting laws without congressional approval. His chickens are coming home to roost.

He is forcing our Border Patrol to take children from cartel smugglers and, like coyotes, transport them throughout the country; he seems unconcerned about the diseases and mental illnesses these children have; he has mandated that gang members be released into our communities if they claim to be under 18 years; and he does not appear to care that five times as many adult illegals are entering the country at the same time as the children.

In addition, Barack Obama is not allowing the peoples’ representatives to visit the camps that hold the children and some adults who have entered the country illegally.

Rep Bridenstine

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK)

A GOP congressmen from Oklahoma, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, was blocked from visiting a “refugee” facility on July 1st and was told by an HHS official that he could visit on the 21st. It was made quite clear no congressman was going to be allowed to visit the facilities. Some monitored and limited photo-op style tours for hand-selected congressmen in some facilities have been allowed.

According to Rep. Bridenstine, the facility he attempted to visit had a new chain link fence that had just been installed and there was opaque cloth on it so no one could see in.

Think about that for a minute. It’s like living in Russia.

Rep. Bridenstine briefly described the horrors  inflicted on these youngsters who are being transported into our country, which include rape – a third of the little girls in Lackland have been raped – and other forms of horrific abuse. Some of the children have been leased.

Some of the children never make it because they died or were forced into human sex trafficking. This is happening every day and the blame needs to fall on Barack Obama.

The humanitarian effort should be to deport the children so as to not encourage more of this, Rep. Bridenstine said.

The president has opened the border and has told the illegal entrants that they can stay.

Obama will tell people the crisis is because of poverty and crime. However, both were bad when Rep. Bridenstine was working in Central America. The only difference now is the president won’t deport them, Bridenstine said.

Last year, deportations of children under 18 were down eight-fold and they will be down to almost nothing this year. The president has sent a clear message allowing the illegal immigration, not only of children, but of anyone who can get through our opened borders.

Listen to Rep. Bridenstine:

In fairness, last Monday, President Obama sent a letter to Congress asking for a change to the 2008 William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, known as the TVPRA, which spells out how children from non-contiguous countries have to be treated. The law requires them to be handed over to HHS and have lawyers assigned to them. The law is a trafficking law and not meant for this situation.

Obama asked Congress to allow Border Patrol to make the decisions on deportation of minors as opposed to the court system so deportations can be fast-tracked.

It still doesn’t explain why President Obama advertised for escorts for 65,000 children in January instead of asking for a change to the law at that time. It also doesn’t explain why 240,000 adults, including criminals, are being released into our communities.

It doesn’t explain why he is telling Border Patrol to release so-called youth with gang tattoos. I say “so-called” because if you’ve seen the photos, you can see that many are older than 18 years.

It doesn’t explain why he has repeatedly violated immigration law and wrote his own laws. These are the very laws that are attracting the illegal immigration now.

Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar  told CNN’s State of the Union Sunday that the administration has seen surges before and they should have been ready.

“Border patrol should move those individuals out in 72 hours and again, if you’re a mother with children, you’ll be put at a bus station, 500 a day just in south Texas that they’re releasing,” Cuellar said. “And if you’re a child, then of course they’re going to send you somewhere else.”

“There is an incentive that if you bring a child over here or a child by yourself, you’re going to be let go,” she continued.

The ineptitude of this administration is mind-blowing. If he is serious about deporting anyone, he has this entire process on slow motion.