Incredible New Fact About Hillary’s 2011 Trip to Libya

Hillary posing with Islamic militants
Hillary posing with Islamic militants, October 18, 2011

Libya is a chaotic, festering pit of radicalism, anarchy, and death as The Federalist describes and it’s thanks to the woman who would be president. She is selling it as a success when discussing her foreign policy and did so only yesterday..

Months before the murders of US personnel in Benghazi, during her triumphant tour of Libya, the country she destroyed, she was guarded by a known terrorist, according to a new book,  Jihadi John: The Making of a Terrorist, by Robert Verkaik.

This is the woman who wants to run the country. She can’t even arrange for security details.

Author Robert Verkaik is a security journalist and he is the only man to have interviewed Jihadi John, ISIS’s most reviled murderer, The Daily Mail reported.

It took place October 18 2011 after Hillary made a surprise visit to celebrate her toppling of Colonel Mummer Gaddafi.

Hillary’s actions, which included no plan for the securing of Gaddafi’s arsenal or any follow-up whatsoever, has led Libya to become a failed state and with a growing ISIS presence. It is considered a gateway to Europe. When the puppet government she installed begged for training for their soldiers, she and Obama refused.

via The Daily Mail

During her Libyan visit, Verkaik writes, Clinton was in the company of a man once known as “Detainee M,” who was known to Britain as a member of the banned Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and considered a threat to British and American national security.

“One terror suspect under a control order for many years, who is known as ‘Detainee M,’ even went on to head up the government security unit in charge of guarding Hillary Clinton when as U.S. Secretary of State she made an unannounced visit to Libya in 2011,” Verkaik wrote. “One woman’s terror suspect is another’s trusted bodyguard.”

Terrorists know who their dumbest friends are in the US government.

The Libyan government head of her security detail had been considered so dangerous by the British authorities that his movements were legally restricted.

It is believed that Hillary’s State Department put Abdelhakim Belhadj in power. He has firmly ensconced himself as the organizational commander of the ISIS presence inside Libya. Belhadj is supporting and coordinating the efforts of the ISIS training centers in eastern Libya around the city of Derna, an area long known as a hotbed of jihadi militancy.

Also, in October of last year, it was accidentally revealed by the Benghazi committee that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that the U.S. government was using a Libyan intelligence source who has been accused of involvement in a major terrorist attack against Americans, and that source, Moussa Kassa, is currently living the life of a free citizen, courtesy of the U.S. and British governments.

Moussa Kassa

Kassa previously worked for Libya’s security agency the Mathaba, which the BBC reported was linked to the 1988 plane bombing.

Clinton’s State Department also actively funneled weaponry to “rebels” with “ties to al-Qaeda.” The “rebels” were al-Qaeda as the Libyan “rebellion” itself was nothing more than the use of proxy forces by the United States and NATO whose ranks were made up of terrorists, jihadists, and mercenaries, as the Washington Times reported in February, 2015 .

Elliot Jager of NewsMax also points out Clinton’s treachery in the funding and support of jihadists in Libya when he writes that Clinton was one of the principal officials who promoted the idea of supporting terrorists in the African country.

Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became the prime mover in the decision by the Obama administration to back anti-Gadhafi insurgents, The New York Times reported in 2011.

Clinton, along with Samantha Power, then at the National Security Council, and Susan Rice, the U.N. ambassador at the time, convinced Obama to back the rebels.

Hillary Clinton overrode US intelligence, outmaneuvered the Pentagon (the secretary of defense, Robert Gates, had opposed the NATO bombing unreservedly), mobilized liberal-humanitarian and conservative pro-war opinion in the media, and talked Obama into committing the US to effect regime change in a third Middle East country.

Clinton pushed President Barack Obama—against the advice of the Pentagon—to provide logistics and muster political support for a bombing campaign. Clinton even got the United Nations Security Council to back the operation.

Her hands are all over Libya and she is now promoting it as a foreign policy success.

If you want to know why this Libyan war came about, follow the money.

An April 2011 email sent to Hillary with the subject line “France’s client and Qaddafi’s gold” tells of less noble ambitions for the war in the first place. It protected France and was about oil and gold, according to Foreign Policy Journal.