Shoot to Kill: The Unnecessary Death of LaVoy Finicum, Video From Inside the Van



I am very pro-law enforcement, but…


The Oregon standoff at the Malheur refuge ended recently in the death of LaVoy Finicum and the arrest of an ever-increasing number of protesters.

The protesters never shot at anyone, they took over a small building in a remote refuge. They used poorly chosen words at times, setting themselves up. However, think about how this was handled in comparison to the Occupiers and the rioters in Ferguson, Cleveland, and Baltimore where ‘protesters’ not only threatened, they were physical aggressors, throwing rocks at officers, shooting at them and burning down buildings.

LaVoy Finicum was on his way to see the sheriff but the State police had no intention of letting him go. It’s likely that LaVoy Finicum and his passengers didn’t realize the danger they were in despite the fact that Finicum said, “shoot me”. You can decide when you view the video.

One passenger said if we leave they can shoot out our tires. They didn’t say they thought they would shoot to kill.

They decided to continue on to see the sheriff but they drove off in a hail of police bullets, they did not fire back.

From inside the car, they were shocked when they thought Finicum was shot. It looks like Finicum was flailing his arms and was shot almost immediately after leaving the vehicle as he said, “Go ahead and shoot me, shoot me.” It’s not clear if he was pulling out a gun, none was visible.

What is clear is law enforcement was extremely aggressive, and after direction from the governor and allegedly the FBI, they were out to shoot and kill.

Prior to this, the protesters were allowed to come and go from the refuge unimpeded. This was a sudden change, without warning.

The police kept shooting while the passengers were hunched down in their car. The passengers realized they were shooting gas rounds at some point as the police screamed to get out the left side door.

None of the passengers fired a shot.

Long after it became obvious the passengers presented no danger, law enforcement continued to shoot.


  1. Every cop involve d are murders and should be in jail free the Hammonds and the bundy this is absolute bullshit

  2. This puts a whole different perspective on this doesn’t it? While I don’t agree entirely with the protesters tactics law enforcement clearly overreacted and ( I don’t say this lightly) murdered this man.

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