Shootout On The Record – And the Winner Is?


Greta Van Susteren was angry with Tucker Carlson, of The Daily Caller, this past Sunday, for posting Mike Tyson’s vile comments about Sarah Palin, concerning her alleged affair with a black basketball player, Glen Rice, which is said to have occurred before she was married. Greta blogged that Tucker was a pig for doing it.

Tucker was on her show this evening and Greta transformed into a pit bull. Tucker explained that he was reporting, believes these things need to be exposed, and he did not intend it as an attack on Sarah Palin, or any woman. Greta called him a pig again and said he was the purveyor of smut and violence towards women. She didn’t let him speak much, and insinuated he did it for ratings, because his blog might be failing.

I think Greta concentrated too much on shooting the messenger. I do, however, love and admire her support for women. Who else besides Greta is standing up for women these days? It’s not NOW.

She might want to cut Tucker a break though, he is always a gentleman, and has never before given any indication he is a smut dealer. Tucker put a disclaimer on the article shortly before Greta posted her comments, which included calling Tucker a pig. In the future, I’m sure Tucker will be careful about how he deals with comments such as those made by Tyson.

I don’t know that Tyson should have been given any attention for this particularly disgusting rant and, as Greta said, for condoning violence towards women (in this case, Sarah Palin). Ignoring jerks like Tyson works. Tyson’s comments were unfortunately made on a radio show and I can see why one would want to show him for what he is in the hopes that viewers would send him into celebrity exile.

Tyson is not known for brilliant and clever repartee – he’s a moron.

Tyson is the one who needs to be dressed down for his vile and misogynist comments, but that’s my view. You can read the original, vile story here.

Greta later wrote the following on her blog 
Well that didn’t go well …
by Greta Van Susteren

SEP 19 2011 – 10:48 PM

I had hoped that Tucker and I would have a strong debate about violence against women and how women are treated by some in the media and it just deteriorated to the two of us yelling at each other. It is not very productive to yell at each other – which we did to each other. On the bright side, perhaps our unhappiness with each other will provoke discussion about the more important issue.

A little while later, Greta posted the following:

With Tucker’s permission, I am posting his email to me after OTR.  Friends can get really angry at each other and the temperature can get raised high.  When the temperature gets raised really high, the knives come out.  Better friends, however, can rise above their anger and remain friends.  Tucker and I don’t agree on what we discussed tonight — but we can rise above it.  Tonight’s segment lets you pull back the curtain a bit and see what happens when friends get angry at each other.  I know you and your friends have gotten really mad at each other.  Tucker and I are not unique in that department…but perhaps somewhat, even with a few bruises, unique in that we will turn down the temperature and walk away friends in spite of our continuing differences of opinion.  In the end if we both have our eyes opened a bit, it is good.


Thanks for having me on tonight. You didn’t have to, but you did, and I appreciate it. We both aired our views. A good segment I thought.

Anyway, thanks again.


The majority of liberal site bloggers, meanwhile, are ecstatic at seeing two non-liberals look bad on TV, particularly over repugnant comments aimed at Sarah Palin.  Comments on HuffPo are a good example of people wallowing in slimy comments, with the occasional decent person standing out from the fray. It’s okay, they’re simply going crazy because their man in the WH isn’t the champion they thought he was.

Here is the video of the shootout

Here are DC rebuttal comments

Hannity has offered to referee.