Shwarzenegger Crawls Back into the Limelight

Arnold Schwarzenegger, terminating his marriage

Schwarzenegger is making his way back into the media. He was one of my favorites, now, he’s a disappointment. He had an affair and a child with a live-in housekeeper while under the same roof as his wife and their five children.

When asked how his relationship with his ex-wife has evolved, he told interviewer Lesley Stahl, “I think that Maria is, you know, wishing me well in everything I do.” Schwarzenegger. He said that ex-wife, Maria Shriver, has not read his new tell-all book.

Schwarzenegger had other problems over the last several years. He commuted the voluntary manslaughter sentence of the son of a political ally. Schwarzenegger said he thought the 16-year sentence for Esteban Nunez was excessive and cut it to seven, but later acknowledged he was helping a friend, former state Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez.

Schwarzenegger came into office during California’s 2003 recall election, promising to restore fiscal responsibility to the state, however he faced repeated multibillion dollar budget deficits that he acknowledged he and lawmakers could not fully address. He could not fight the Democratic legislature effectively. They refused to cut anything.

video from CBS News