Sick of Southampton NIMBY’s-the Shinnecock Casino Will Be Anywhere But Southampton


Remember when Ted Kennedy, pusher of all things green, wouldn’t allow a windmill anywhere near his mansion, even though it couldn’t even be seen from his property? He was a typical NIMBY (not in my backyard). Now we have Southampton NIMBY’s looking to put a Shinnecock casino anywhere but where they have land rights in Southampton.

The Shinnecock Indians sought recognition as a tribe for almost three decades and won that recognition in 2005 from a Federal judge. The East Hampton Star reported the following: – After a 27-year wait, the Shinnecock Indian Nation received federal recognition as a tribe on Monday afternoon from United States District Court Judge Thomas C. Platt. The nation filed an application for recognition with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1978…Whether such judicial recognition confers the same rights as recognition by the Bureau of Indian Affairs is under debate. ..Judge Platt’s decision does not automatically place the tribe on the Bureau of Indian Affairs list of federally recognized tribes, but does give them the right, in his opinion, to develop their properties without approval by the United States. The Shinnecock goal, in the end, is to build a casino on its Westwood properties. Read here: Shinnecocks are a tribe

Immediately after this, the Shinnecocks filed suit for ancestral land they claim were fraudulently stolen from them in 1852:- The Shinnecocks filed a federal lawsuit seeking the return of 3,600 acres of prime real estate “stolen” by the state a century and a half ago.

The 1,300-member tribe also is asking for monetary damages — conservatively estimated at $1.7 billion — and 150 years of back rent and interest in what it called “the largest Indian land claim ever filed.” Editor’s note: The tribe members are of mixed heritage, which has made their legitimacy somewhat questionable.  Currently 500 actually live on the reservation.

The suit is seen by many locals as an attempt to force favorable action on the Shinnecocks’ bid for federal recognition and its plan to open a casino in the booming resort area…The tribe wants title to all non-residential property within a 3,600-acre area of Southampton Town — land it claims it was cheated out of in 1859…The land targeted in the suit includes the world-renowned Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, Southampton College’s sprawling campus and the elite bayfront National Golf Links of America.

Also named in the suit are exclusive Ram Island, several $1.5 million-plus luxury-home subdivisions, the Southampton Golf Club, the Long Island Rail Road, and the 314-acre Bayberry Land estate that’s now being transformed into a state-of-the-art golf course…

Although residential property was not mentioned in the suit, the tribe said it will return to court next month to seek compensation for the loss of all land in Southampton Town between the Shinnecock Canal and the Brookhaven Town lineJust east of the reservation, and not mentioned by the Shinnecocks, is the priciest stretch of property on the East Coast — beachfront Meadow and Gin lanes and the tony “estate area” of Southampton. The tribe’s crusade to right past wrongs may soon put them at risk, too.

Yesterday’s suit contends that in 1703 Southampton leased the tribe several thousand acres of land in exchange for $25. It claims the lease was broken in 1859 when a group of investors, claiming to have a petition signed by 21 Shinnecocks, got the state Legislature to approve the exchange of the tribe’s land for an 800-acre tract. The suit says some names on the petition were repeated, half were questionable “X” marks, and several belonged to either minors or deceased members of the tribe — and the Legislature had been made aware of this before it voted… Read here: They want a casino

Five years later, the Shinnecocks were still fighting court cases to win recognition so they could then build their casino on Long Island, but that all changed in 2010 as they won their way through the bureaucratic stumbling blocks. Read here: Tribe wins again, looking for a location for the casino

The Shinnecocks won back the right to sue for the land in Southampton – land that belongs to the rich and famous. So, what do the Southampton NIMBY’s do? They look for land in someone else’s backyard so the Shinnecocks can build their casino. The NIMBY’s looked in Yaphank (middle class area). That went over badly. Now the NIMBY’s are eyeballing the Nassau Coliseum and Belmont (more middle class people live in these areas) as possible casino sites.

The casino will be anywhere but where the Shinnecocks have their claim (in Southampton) because the powerful live there. While the “generous” people of Southampton preach to the rights of Indians, they can’t wait to ditch the Shinnecock claim on the middle class who have nothing to do with the situation.

As a side note, casinos bring in more than fun revelers, they bring in the dregs of humanity.