Six Terror-Linked Foreigners Entered US via ‘Diversity Lottery’


At least five foreign nationals with suspected ties to terror resettled in the U.S. through the same visa lottery program that allowed NYC terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov into the country, the Trump administration said Tuesday, Fox reported. They were literal “lottery” winners.

About 50,000 lottery ‘winners’ come into the US every year.

“A merit-based system, by definition, would be safer than a lottery or even extended family-based immigration,” Attorney General Sessions said.

The lottery is a computer-generated drawing for foreign nationals to apply for permanent residence, or a green card, in the U.S. each year.

Fox News listed the six:

Sayfullo Saipov

Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbek citizen, launched a terror attack in New York City on October 27.

Another Uzbek national and visa lottery winner, Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State.

Syed Haris Ahmed, a Pakistani national, was convicted of terrorism related activities in the U.S. and abroad in 2009.

Hesham Ali Hedayet

In the summer of 2002, Egyptian national Hesham Mohamed Ali Hedayet opened fire at the El Al Airlines ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport, murdering two ticket agents and wounded three others. He too was a lottery winner.

Imran Mandhai

Also in the summer of 2002, Pakistani national Imran Mandhai pled guilty to conspiring to bomb a National Guard Armory and electrical power substation near Miami, Florida. He was a lottery winner.

In 1997, of Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, a U.S. Hamas leader, was deported for terrorist activities.

Since 2007, at least 30,000 entered via lottery from terror nations. Instead of diversity lottery, they should call it Russian roulette.

The program was an invention of Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in 1990. He tacked it onto an immigration bill and some Republicans and then-president Bush agreed to it to get the immigration bill finally passed.


  1. While there is no doubt that the Left in general and Upchuck Schumer in particular have blood on their hands, they had a LOT of help in creating this mess from the Crony Corporatist RINOs that infest Congress. After all, who will do the low paid SERF labor their fat cat friends require… as well as further mutilate our society with politically correct multiculturalism… if BOTH parties don’t pack as many of these subversive aliens into the country as possible?

    Acting as the servile lackeys of the Business Roundtable and Chamber of Commerce groups that they are, the RINOs betray their Base for corporate campaign donations… while the Democrats seek to boost their electoral prospects by importing a class of parasites utterly dependent on them to maintain the Liberal Welfare State they have created AT THE EXPENSE OF TAXPAYING CITIZENS.

    Neither party could care less if innocent people get killed as long as they can continue to ride the gravy train around in circles in that sleazy brothel they all inhabit down on the Potomac.

  2. The shut down of this lottery should be a no brainer! I wonder how many names we don’t know? For that matter how many refugees and new immigrants were relocated islamists? How come obama let more Muslims in than Christians? Christians were being slaughtered in the hundreds of thousands all over the middle east by jihadist, why weren’t they first priority? As I always say, and will keep on saying, we need to shut ALL Immigration and ANY kind of visas down; until there comes a time when we know who is here and all those who are legally here have ASSIMILATED! Then and only then can we look at immigration again! This is why we really need single and separate bills, all the sausage making is how we wound up with these jihadists.

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