Six U.S. Soldiers Executed in One Day by Afghans They Were Training

Greg Buckley Jr, Fallen Marine from Long Island

President Obama left U.S. soldiers to train and arm Afghan soldiers in Afghanistan as he  declared the final date of withdrawal with announced drawdowns.

The soldiers are being forced to follow the Army training manual, even requiring a warrant before conducting a raid.

Increasing violence is not a surprise.

Forty-Two soldiers have died this month alone. It should have been expected . Giving a date of final withdrawal with announced draw-downs as we negotiate with terrorists puts our soldiers in harm’s way. The Taliban and al Qaeda know we’re going and they want to speed us along.

This is Obama’s war, the right war.

The newspapers refuse to report how bad the situation actually is. The deaths of our soldiers at the hands of Afghan’s they are training is commonplace. It is called green-on-blue violence. Since we are no longer doing the right thing by our soldiers and we are leaving them in harm’s way, we must bring them home.

Long Island’s, Lance Cpl. Buckley was just days from making a trip to Hawaii and a surprise home visit when he was fatally shot by an Afghan police officer on Aug. 10, one of six Marines killed that day in two separate encounters with Afghan officers.

He had turned 21 just two weeks ago. While assigned to the 3rd Battalion, he served as a logistics and facilities adviser. He was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously.

Greg Buckley felt unsafe in Afghanistan, he was afraid, he wanted to come home.

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An Afghan working on an installation shared by Afghan and foreign forces shot Greg Buckley and  two other U.S. service members on Friday. On that same day, an Afghan policeman gunned down three U.S. Marines in a separate attack in southern Afghanistan.

The assaults have been on the rise and actually began once we decided to withdraw our troops and leave few behind to train  people infiltrated with Taliban. They were predictable.

The U.S.-led coalition insists the attacks do not represent the overall security situation in Afghanistan and that they have not impeded ongoing work to hand over security to Afghan forces by the end of 2014.

Most of the attacks have been carried out by Afghan police and soldiers or militants wearing their uniforms. There have been 26 such attacks so far this year, resulting in 34 deaths, according to the U.S.-led coalition. Taliban claim responsibility for the attacks.

Three British service members were killed by gunmen wearing Afghan Police uniforms on July 1st.

President Karzai condemned the recent attacks and is investigating.

“The enemy who does not want to see Afghanistan have a strong security force, targets military trainers,” Karzai said in a statement.

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President Obama’s handling of Afghanistan has been questionable. Remember when he had Taliban prisoners released if they promised to be good? Taliban prisoners released

The number of deaths of our soldiers at the hands of Afghans has largely gone unreported:

On March 3rd of this year,

“Several U.S. soldiers serving in Afghanistan told the Examiner that the true number of attacks on Americans by their presumed Afghan allies was drastically under-reported. Numerous incidents of Afghan forces firing on NATO troops have just been ignored, “particularly if no one was injured,” said one U.S. Army official serving in eastern Afghanistan.”

“We just never know if there’s a Taliban sympathizer among the Afghan Army troops or within the security forces,” the Army official added. “We remain very aware that at any time we may have an enemy among us with direct access to our troops inside the wire.”

Lt. Col. Jimmie Cummings, a spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force, said the number of incidents in which Afghan security forces have killed U.S. forces is classified. However, he said the number quoted by Wolf ’s office is “high.”

Cummings said security procedures have been revised for U.S. troops stationed throughout the region but declined to describe those changes…Read here: Washington Examiner and Independent Sentinel

The violence from al Qaeda is increasing and it prompted Leon Pannetta to visit Afghanistan in June.

Reuters: Panetta said the purpose of the trip was to hear an assessment from U.S. General John Allen, the head of NATO coalition forces in Afghanistan, about the “ability to confront these threats from the Taliban and from the Haqqanis”, a reference to the hardline, al Qaeda-linked Haqqani network.

Panetta also planned to visit troops and hold talks with the Afghan defence minister, General Abdul Rahim Wardak.

Panetta said he wanted to find out about a recent increase in the numbers of attacks in Afghanistan, including some that appear to have been more organised than others seen recently.

“I think it’s important to try to make sure we are aware of the kind of attacks they are going to engage in, particularly as we go through the rest of the summer and enter the latter part of this year,” Panetta said…

God bless Greg Buckley, all the soldiers murdered and their families.