Sleazy Tim Bishop aka “the friggin’ mailman”



bishop,friggin mailman

CD-1’s Friggin’ Mailman Tim Bishop, his words, not ours. We don’t use that language.

Days before the 4th of July Weekend, Congressman Tim Bishop got some very bad news. The far left Village Voice picked this leftwing Democrat as one of the “worst elected officials in the tri-state region” in 2014.

An article headlined in bold black letters, “Sleazeball Congressman Tim Bishop (D), 1st District, New York”, revisited Bishop’s still unresolved ethical issues stemming from the sudden, almost miraculous issuance of a fireworks permit to a constituent who was there upon, quickly solicited for a hefty campaign contribution.

In May of 2012, wealthy hedge-fund manager Eric Semler wanted a grand pyrotechnic display at his son’s bar mitzvah but was running out of time to get the permits. He went to Congressman Bishop for help.

As Politico reported on 8/15/12, “Bishop agreed to intercede. But before Bishop and his aides completed their work on his behalf, Semler received a request from the congressman’s campaign staff, according to documents obtained by POLITICO and multiple interviews, for a contribution of up to $10,000 to Bishop’s reelection campaign.

“Our Finance Chair, Bob Sillerman suggested to my dad that you were interested in contribution to his campaign and that I should be in touch directly with you. We are going to be in a tough, expensive campaign and so we are very grateful for your willingness to be of help,” the congressman’s daughter and fundraiser, Molly Bishop, wrote to Semler in a May 23 email, three days before the party, when it was still unknown whether the permits would come through.

Semler was further instructed by Ms. Bishop, “If you make a contribution before June 26th you and your wife may each contribute up to $5,000; after June 26th the most you can each contribute is $2,500.”

On 6/26/12, Mr. & Mrs. Semler gave their first ever donation to the multi-term representative, in the amount of….$5,000, Politico reported.

If the resurfacing of this unseemly story wasn’t tough enough on Tim, we now have the Village Voice supplementing some of Politico’s coverage with an email discovery of their own. They reported: After tapping a local official for the approvals, Bishop emailed a mutual friend bragging, “call me the friggin’ mailman — we are all set with Eric Semler.” Five minutes later, the friend, who also happened to be the finance chair for Bishop’s campaign emailed Semler, saying “so I guess you and your wife really want to donate $5K each to Tim Bishop, right?”

Talk about a crude, sexist, out of touch comment. Friggin’? Weren’t you a college professor before an elected official, congressman? Mailman. Are there no women dropping packages and letters at your door? And someone should tell Tim that it’s against the law to tip U.S. Mail Carriers. So the idea of getting $5K above your salary for being a “friggin’ mailman” is wrong on every conceivable level.

As the Voice notes, “Bishop may have broken a slew of laws including accepting illegal gratuities; soliciting a campaign contributions linked to an official action; seeking or accepting compensation for providing representational services; receiving compensation for exerting improper influence; performing an official action for personal gain; dispensing special favors; and making false statements,” wrote the Village Voice.

It stands to reason, if the ladies and gentlemen who’ve spent years slogging through rain, sleet and snow bringing your mail could get canned for taking $50, a congressman collecting 100 times that amount just for delivering some shady fireworks permits should be fired.

FYI, last we’ve heard Tim Bishop, AKA “the friggin’ mailman” is still under investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the FBI.