Smithfield Foods Betrays Nation in Favor of Chinese Communists


Desiree Moore contributed to this story

Economic and and national security issues are no longer a big concern when it comes to Chinese Communists apparently. Virginia’s Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the world, just gave away the farm to them – the pork farm that is.

They sold all their holdings to Shuanghui International, China’s largest pork producers. It would be the largest acquisition of a US company by a Chinese (Communist) company.

Let’s take a moment here to explain that China is a fully Communist nation and ALL companies are owned by the Chinese government. Sure, cronies get to run them and make money off them, but they are only owned by the government.

“This is not selling out to the Chinese. This is Smithfield being part of a global organization,” CEO Larry Pope said on a conference call with reporters. “This guarantees the future.”

Maybe they shouldn’t have a future, not as US Pork producing Chinese Communists. The Chinese commies have been known to put banned drugs in their pork. They have had pig viruses, thousands of dead pigs floated up on their shores this past March alone.

off to market they go

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Smithfield Foods has been in bed with the Chinese for years and this comes as no surprise.

The purchase is being sold as a great success story. Their stock jumped 28%. We’re globalists now and we welcome, no, we embrace Chinese Communists.

Smithfield Foods is allowing these dangerous people to come into our country, take over a leading business, and then become the world’s leading pork producers as a result. Will we give them the usual subsidies too? Undoubtedly we will but we will have to borrow from them to do it.

I hope Smithfield’s Board of Directors and their investors all get their 30 pieces of silver.

The investors still have to approve and they will.

There are some hurdles such as  the Chinese being wantonly evil when it comes to food standards, but the USDA shouldn’t have a problem with that as long as they get their pinky swear.

There is also the potential problem of their new commie rules that might cause many employees in the technical field to quit. That’s not a problem either, the commies would be happy to bring in more of their own Chinese commie workers. It won’t happen right away and people won’t notice or care when it does.

The union leaders are not concerned that it is now a Chinese Communist company, they are only concerned about what happens on the shop floor.

The unions said any consumer boycott would kill their jobs. Sorry, I won’t buy their products again, but that’s up to each individual.

Virginia state Delegate Bob Marshall called USCFI’s approval “unbelievably shortsighted with respect to American citizens and workers.”

“We’ll have Chinese communists with links to their government owning the biggest pork producer in the world. Smithfield could have sold products to the Chinese without giving it all away,” the Manassas Republican said.

They’re Chinese Communists who right now have a carrier in the Mediterranean ready to attack us. Hello?

If you want to try and stop it, write or call your Senators immediately – the link to their contacts is on this site – on the sidebar to the right.

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